The Witnessing of Al Hallaj

The crucifixion of Al Hallaj was the same as the martyrdom of Imam Husayn. Another example of the willingness of the mortal human to commit murder for the sake of its own interests. It was a condemnation, right under their very eyes, which they called a "victory", of a supposed "Orthodoxy" that will justify the taking of life in the name of God, Rightness and Community or common unity. What threat did they suppose? Nothing more than the right of the individual over the community.

Now I see how the condemnation of the Imam ul `Arifin Junayd was in reality a condemnation of the ijma` of the self righteous, and a continuation of the same condemnation that Imam Husayn brought about with his martyrdom. Yes, Al-Junayd al-Baghdadi had to protect himself, Sufism and the Community of Sufis from condemnation by the ijma` with his decision to put on the robes of the `ulama` of the time and judge according to their dictates, and he did.

But the real question is, Why? If what al-Hallaj was saying was truth, why did it need to be condemned? Could it be that he was just way ahead of his time? I don't think so. His time was always true. So then what? What were they together saying of a religious "orthodoxy" whose trademark is a fearful intolerance for individuality? Would it not be self condemning to identify with it?

Al-Junayd's decision was as deliberately condemning of the society that required, indeed enforced it as it was of Al-Hallaj for deliberately martyring himself that the truth, both of the human situation (al Haqq) and of the legalistic state of the Islamic community, be known once and for all. These were messages for the future, dear reader, and we are that future. Both of them are telling us, who live in a liberated society, free and trusting in God, to not accept the legalistic, self punishing doctrines of an orthodox and guilt ridden majority from the so-called world of Islam as necessarily the truth.

And we don't. Once having tasted the freedom of self-surrender to God in service to humanity, we will never go back to the pathway of obedience and conformity to a community of deeply rooted psychological compulsion, in the hope of freedom and liberation later. As it is in this life, so shall it be in the next. However, as Muslims, or just down-right respectful and courteous people, we say unto them, the people who choose to follow the pathway of "fear of God" (al-mutaqqin), "as-Salama laka min as-habul yamin", Peace be upon you O companions of the right hand.

And we too, bear witness that there is only one God, Allah, and that Muhammad, pbuh, is an honest messenger and that the Qur`an in its whole is truth, etc. Our only difference and point of dispute is that "la ilaha illa 'llah" means that there is only God in all of existence and nothing else - and it is to That (Dhat) we are surrendered, with the Taoists, Buddhists, Christians and Vedantists - in need of no partners, helpers or defenders of the faith, and that if we mistake the ego for the soul, by not paying attention to the real Masters of our path, then we will die insisting on unforgivable sin even if Allah's Mercy may be upon us and forgive us it anyway.

There is too much evidence in Islam confirming the reality (Haqiqat) of which we speak, even without mentioning the martyrdoms of Imam Husayn, Mansur al-Hallaj, and many great Sufis besides them. And this not to mention the true Christian and esoteric Judaic teaching which Muslims are admonished to respect. If it is true that we are already in heaven, since the kingdom of heaven is within, then all that is left to do is unburden ourselves of our fears. Adjusting to life in the Real World.

We simply must come out of our egos if we wish to truly know God and serve Him in the very best (ihsan) way. And who better to guide us in this way that the Sufis, whose way to the inward reality is well known and whose abidance by the law is legendary.

Surrender, Learn, and be Perfect!