"The Platonic ascent exists only so long as one has not climbed it."

Pain is the motivation when there is hatred in the heart!

"Ours is not to seek for love but to seek the barriers to it."

"..looking for a satisfying relationship with other
to avoid the truth of your satisfaction with self."

In attempting to see you miss -
that the witness, the witnessing and the witnesed
are one.

If you knew the true self, you would not be able
to take your focus off it for a moment.

We are born muslim, then learn about "other".
The "path" is about un-learning "other".
Lost in the quagmire of learning,
we forget what it's all about.

Why fight so hard to resist,
when surrender to love is inevitable.

We (muslims) simply bring people to where we are.
we need not speak disparagingly of others.
In us is the peace and unity of all faiths.

The gnostic dualists,
though knowing the oneness of their God,
are still fighting "evit" to stay there.
This is because they know not yet
the perfection of true surrender.
They call themselves muwahhidin (unifiers)
affirming and defending the unity of God,
and thus establish themselves
as God's partners and helpers.
But true muwahhidin they are not yet
for self affirmation doesn't make it true.
And ever God's unity needs no defense
but invites only surrender.

"The presence of fear is a sure sign
that you are trusting in your own strength."