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The Intrapersonal Approach works on evoking unconscious patterns of association within an individual in order to utilize a Patient's own healing resources and its success is not contingent on a change in the Patients behaviour with others. ~ Stephen Brooks

The Reality of Illusion (and the Illusion of "Reality"?)

The reality of illusion is insisted upon in the religious and spiritual teachings of Islam.

Even though it exists only in the mind,

The prime example is Laa ilaha illa llah, in which the word ilaha symbolizes all that is unreal, all that does not exist in reality and that is to be discriminated against in the mind. now the mind contains light and dark. in that Allah is omnipresent, the light of Allah must exist in the mind. but also the mind is where dunya, or darkness, is also found. . so we are warned of the danger of the distraction of attraction to that which does not exist, which is very interesting to by attracted by because if it does not exist why must we be warrned against it.

At first glance one would understand that the phrase la ilaha means that there is no reality to that which is unreal, and indeed that is the truth and true. But then one might ask, if there is no reality to that wich is unreal, why then need the subject be broached at all? Why must we be told that? And the simple fact is that there is indeed a danger, a very grave danger, involved with the ascribing of reality to that which is unreal, and that is that it will distract us endlessly from that which is real, even though that which is real is in reality all that there is.

Now this may all sound very confusing, and it is, but even its confusion has a point and that is to emphasize the point of the need for clarity on the subject (once and for all) and that is the reason for the existence of statements negating what does not exist in reality. because the difference between reality and illusion is both vast and subtle. If it were not so deceptive it would not be so dangerous as to merit such severe warnings.

Pointing out the existence of what does not exist is an extremely important function of reality. If it were not so, there would be no reaon for the supreme statement of divinity, "la ilahh ill llah".

Because in illusion, which does not exist in reality, reality is but another illusion, a light at the end of the tunnel, maybe, and what is unreal in reality is very real in illusion - life sustaining and life threateningly real. Therefore the existence of what does not exist. and the warning against ascribing reality to anything other than Allah.

The dangers of ascribing reality to illuson and the importance of our capacity to discern the difference.

in the world of duality, discernment is everything.

Discernment is that capacity we have to distinguish - left from right, dark from light, man from woman, hot from cold, beneficial from malevolent, safety from danger, truth from falsehood, reality from illusion, good from bad, right from wrong.

sharaka, the root word of shirk (association) means to associate.

Dangers of Association

Now why are associations so dangerous?

Because associations presume to interpret realities of moment in terms of past experience.
They ascribe to themselves power which they really do not have.
They mislead the mind into thinking of the unreal rather than realizing the real.

Away from the Power of Now.
They take you out of presence and associate you with the past. whaile ther might be some good in this, it is neverthelss a disempowerment in that it takes you out of the now, with all its comcommitant power of clarity and innovation, and puts you into a feeling of need for automatic, or preprogrammed, reaction.

"negativity and suffering have their roots in time."
"The mind continually lives in memory of the past, or anticipation of an imaginary future.
Guilt, regret, bitterness and remorse is the result of too much past;
stress, anxiety, and worry is the result of too much future."
~ "Power of Now"

Your real power in in your power of attraction, which is innate, natural and divinely created.
When you ascribe partners (two), you are giving that power away, and thereby disempowering yourself, humbling yourself, as it were, to another. whatever that other is or may be. a person or an association of the moment with another point in time.

The feeling of need for this 'humbling' comes from illusion. Yet another association that it is somehow not right for you to use your own power, to be on your own, and that it is right for you to give it up to another. Hmm. Wonder where we got that idea.

When you give the power away you disempower yourself by defusing your Power of Attraction.
And your real power is your power to attract - positivee things, positive people, positive thoughts and ideas.

la ilaha illa llah means, In other words, that the idea that the real and living, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God is working through You, who are the personal embodiment of your dreams, desires, thoughts and ideas, be they lofty or be they base, is the only idea worthy of your attention and investigation. That the reallity that there is ONLY GOD is the only reality that you allow to exist in your knowing and that it denies the reality of illusion even while recognizing its existence in illusion and its power in illusion to derali the consciousness of human attention from its own good.

In other words that we do have the power to harm ourselves and that it IS important to learn the  wisdom teachings for our own good and that the wisdom teachings teach that there is illusion but that is is only illusion and that we have the power to give it reality or deny it reality by means of our power to direct our consciousness to that which we know is real and which brings us the maximum good. In other words, the degree of our attention to reality is inversely proportional to the degree of our attention to iiilusion. 100% attenion to our reality is 0% attention to any illusion concerning our non-reality.

That is the personal significance of la ilaha and the reason for the extreme warning against association (shirk).

It is only through 100% Unity that our good reaches us because 1) 100% Unity is all there is and good reaches us by that means, and 2) It is only illusion that keeps us from that knowing and the good that comes to us from the reality of that knowing.

ISTIGHFAR - The seeking of Forgiveness
ISTIKHARA - The seeking of Good
bi yadika-l Khair, in Your hands is the Good, we say to Allah in du`a (supplication)
Hayya `ala l Falah - come to success and prosperity - we say in the adhan (call to Prayer).
How many signs do we need?
What is the struggle if not the struggle aganist the illusion of harm coming to us from peace and love? where did we pick up that training?

The ultimate disempowerment is to ascribe to an Other the power of attracting your good for you.