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"Does naturalness presume any special conveyance
that guarantees arrival to the further shore?"

Remember Who it is we're being asked to Realize!

Self-perception is self-deception; 'floating free' exceeds all grasping.

The fallacy of trying to attain to Ultimate freedom through egocentric efforts, reveals the contradiction of trying to be reunited with the Ocean, because that would be denying that we are One with the One already! It warns against the last illusion on the Journey, that "I can become free."

There are no words to decribe it because it's beyond the capacity of the mind. It's not the fauult of the mind, so there is no work to be done on the mind to increase its capacity. It's simply because it's beyond the capacity of even the most capacious mind.

The eighth law of Mysticism urges standing by our recognition of the Lord Jehovah as the Self of our neighbor, in the face of all contentious appearances. "If thou wouldst accurately put away all contentious words, O Child, thou shouldst find that truly the Soul (the free Self) dominates." ~ ECH High Mysticism, P.212

"God" is a concept. Soul is a Feeling, a Perceived Reality. That's why the "Holy Spirit" (Soul) is the intermediary between God and Man. "Who finds himself, finds His Lord." "Thinking" about God is of man, the Son, the mortal individual. Whereas "Feeling" the Soul is of God, the Eternal Sustainer. 

We get our inspiration through feeling. Thinking produces material inspiration. Feeling produces Divine
inspiration. Thinking can only be from product of experience. Feeling can be from the Originator of all things new. Often times we say "I Feel" when in reality it is what we think. Often we say I Think" when it is actually an intuition. It would help us to clarify this distinction in ourselves.

The Purpose of the Parent is to Receive the Love and Healing that the Child is.

Think about this: When your children are grown,
do you want them to forgive you or to thank you?

"Do not despair, then, because of limitations. It is your function to escape from them, but not to be without them. If you would be heard by those who suffer, you must speak their language. If you would be a savior, you must understand what needs to be escaped. Salvation is not theoretical. Behold the problem, ask for the answer, and then accept it when it comes. Nor will its coming be long delayed. All the help you can accept will be provided, and not one need you have will not be met. Let us not, then, be too concerned with goals for which you are not ready. God takes you where you are and welcomes you. What more could you desire, when this is all you need?" ACIM-M/26.4

The more we are focusing on understanding God, for God is One, the very Oneness in which all the appearances of duality exist. And even though we seem to be unable to figure our way out of duality by means of duality, we can understand it by the means of realizing Oneness. So again, by focusing on Oneness and not the comparative duality of the life of our problems, very quickly our problems get solved for God is the Creator of the circumstance in which we can have problems so that we will seek solutions and discover Him in everything because it's His reality that saves us from duality and problems of duality disappear in the reality because in the reality there are no problems really there at all. So by focusing on Unity ignoring the duality as though it were not there at all is more in keeping with the truth and we all know we've heard it many times before that truth shall set you free.

Something You Choose ~ Forgetfulness or non-forgetfulness is not a part of your destiny. It is something you choose from moment to moment. That is what Bhagavan (Ramana Maharshi) said. He said that you have the freedom either to identify with the Self and have the understanding that the body is performing its predestined activities, animated and sustained by the power of the Self, or you can identify with the activities of the body and the mind, and in doing so forget the Self. If you choose the latter course, don't blame God or God's will, or predestination. God did not make you forget the Self. You yourself are making that choice every second of your life.
~ Final Talks, by Annamalai Swami

Psychological Reversal is based on the fact that the subconscious hears no negatives. For example if you tell yourself "don't drink milk", it hears only "drink milk". For that reason, negatives become positives. But if for example you tell yourself "drink water", then you will drink water and the idea of milk doesn't come into the equation. The subconscious seeks for and accepts only positives. That's why we rebel against negatives, because they provide no positive except that which they negate. Likewise, if you say "don't get sick" or "I don't want to be sick", there is no alternative but to get sick because the subconscious hears only commands.  So if you say "be well", the subconscious hears and obeys. Tell yourself "accept yourself", and see how you feel.

Command your subconscious properly and your commands will be met with and acted upon. Say "get rich" and see what happens. It immediately sets to work to accomplish your command. You can feel it. As Don Carlos pointed out the commander of your universe is located behind the stomach and the so-called "solar plexus". And you command it with your conscious commands.

So if your conscious commands are negative of what you do not want, it hears only the positive part of the command. So say "get rich. We're going to travel". It must come to pass. This is how we command and access our universe, and this is how the masters accomplish. Saying "I'm poor", it hears only be poor, and immediately rejects riches. So if your outside world is dependant upon you being poor, as in you choose to be dependant upon welfare or charity from others, that is exactly what you are.

Your subconscious will serve you as you command, so locate it and command according to your desire from life that it can start the process of fulfilling your command. Once the command has been genuinely given the process is started and you can resume your normal activities. It will be carried out because that is the way the universe responds to the needs of the people. Just look around you with this in mind and see if it is not true.

You do not command the universe, you command only your self - and your self commands the universe.


In today's Life, when we look at it from the outside, that which we have become accustomed to believing is real no longer satisfies. And since we have been 'trained' to think that consumption, or the filling of the inner void with outside "things" is the right way to a fulfilled and fulfilling life, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to find and realize our truths.

When we look for it or even imagine that there might be one we find such an emptiness as to turn us immediately away from any further investigation. Our material minds tell us right away that there is nothing there, so it must all be a lie and that our only salvation is in the work ethic of further material acquisition. This defies the logic of our hearts, which screams "Don't believe it! Even though you cannot find what you are looking for you must keep looking, that's why we look in the first place". If we could find what we are looking for or even had a clue what it might be, we would find it and stop looking.  The mere frustration of the "search leading nowhere" is enough to tell us that we are missing something and must, either consciously or unconsciously, keep looking.

We NEED Spiritual Connection. We NEED the support of those who have mastered the subject of the life-orientation change that human beings meet when the things of their youth no longer satisfy and they cannot find any other "thing" that does, and no "thing" just simply looks like NOTHING. It is at this point that we meet with the deepest frustrations in life and it is at this point that we need the help of someone else who has done the work and actually accomplished the transition from a materially oriented life to a spiritually realized one. It's not easy!

Don't bother searching the internet for free advice and don't bother reading all of the writing I've done on this subject on these web pages. The real work is done ONLY by association and transmission. And the people who've done it now have all the time in a timeless world to spend doing the one thing they love to do and are good at - helping others into living A Good Life through true self realization. This is the Divine and holy work that we were cut out for - bringing the confused into understanding and the desperate into safety. So do not hesitate, just give a call. I'm anxious to meet you and help you to get to know your self better. It's always a pleasure to make a new friend. 


O you Satiate Soul, Return now unto your Lord, loved and loving
Animals will attack you only if you are afraid of them.
your fear causes theirs and they attack in self defense.
Remember the dogs in Katmandu? How they seemed to attack you
but danced in revelry around you when they discovered who you were and not afraid of them.
The child is angry at you for being afraid of her.

with no time for concern
Do your Lord's work without concern for else or other.
In a world full of healers know that you are the best,
for it is I Who do the healing and give the illness
as manifest consequence and guidance to Me.
Your health is from Me and by Me and a manifestation of Me.
Are you not willing the acknowledge that at all times?
O Man, what foolishess is that distracts you from the knowledge of your Lord?
Can you not be of benefit teaching doctors, lawyers and Leaders?
Is not the word of God powerful enough for you and enough of a gift
that you can spread it around and let fortune come what may?

For I share in the weakness of Mortality
and You have none of that.
We are rich beyond the measure of abundance,
yet still we deposit and withdraw meagerly.
I always have and I always will receive what I need
to become the person Allah Wants me to become.
We are all in the hands of Allah's decree, which is our destiny.
We know it is good, because we trust in it.
We are the people of postponement, innately bodhisattvas,
allowing our wealth to build up with Allah in His Heaven
while we go about doing His work,
receiving always what we need and no more.

I can't do what I want!
The life of fulfilled desires is not the life of a Muslim,
but the life of becoming a perfected slave/being is.
So focus no more on imaging and holding your desires,
and be aware that your needs are being met on a moment by moment basis,
and that it is Allah Who is providing all that you need
exactly when, how and as you need it,
and that it is only Allah that you need.
Seeking Acceptance? or Seeking God?
When I seek God I find myself in my entirety
When I am divided, conflicted and confused,
it can mostly be attribiuted to my old search for acceptance.
God is all that matters, my friend, not religion, not path.
You're not a teacher because what you seek is livelihood,
and for you it's not about professional Sufism.
When your faith is together then will be your livelihood and finances.
and vice versa.
God is all that matters.
Here we learn Compassion first, and then we're so busy manifesting it
that we have no time to be concerned about our place in Heaven.
I am a point of individual awareness in the mind of God.
The Mind of God is the source of all wisdom and intelligence.
I am a point of individual awareness within It.

We seem to have two minds, or two halves of the brain, as is in common vogue these days. One of our minds is critical, comparative and dualist and the other is accepting and unitive. One, the former, is overtrained and the other, the latter, seems to be underused, if not totally undiscovered. Critique is non acceptance, non-acceptance is rejection, and  rejection is from the critical, dualist mind that believes and disbelieves.

We can have as much of everything as we desire by enlarging the borders of  our understanding and realization.