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The Power of Our Belief

If there is a Supreme Human Power, it is surely our Belief.

If you are seeking for power, you surely believe you have none. And as you believe, so shall it be.

So if you believe in your power to give away your power in believing that you have no power and that others have the power and in so doing actualize your imaginary disempowerment by disempowering yourself through comparatively seconding yourself to another - which is what you do because you want to in the belief that in so doing you will get what you believe you want which you believe is outside yourself and outside your grasp in any other way - then you will understand the power of your belief, understand that the power is in your belief, and realize your real power, the power that you have over your self - that it is in your power to change your belief according to your will.

But if your will is deeply imbedded in desiring what seems to be in the possession of another, then with this ulterior motive in mind you will persist in the belief that you have no power and must empower yourself in order to get what you want. And you'll surely see what you believe! We then distract ourselves from the legitimate quest for what we desire by the quest for empowerment, believing that it is absent and must be acquired as a necessary prerequisite for getting what we want, all the while using it while denying it.

So why then do we insist on projecting our desires upon the 'other' in the 'outward' and in so doing continue to deny our power even while using it, and abide in the illusion of disempowerment when God Himself invites us to believe in Him and in so doing gain and feel the fulfillment that puts us immediately in Heaven and frees us from the need for attachment to any and all outside desires?

You'll see it when you believe it! Why else are we commanded to believe? Would we be so commanded if it were not within our power to do so?

Our Worth is in our Emptiness

What is our core belief? That we are empty and devoid, and therefore must acquire.

To understand the reality of that we must sit with it and in it, as painful as that might seem - not run from it, fix it or seek to compensate for it, but accept it as our basic reality, as that which draws to us our fulfillment.

Do not build up an arsenal of "Trade Goods" and then tout it as ourselves, seeking to make ourselves more valuable than we are. We are not worthless, as outside comparison would have us seem. Our worth is in our emptiness, not in our acquisitions.

Belief Therapy and Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy is as Byron Katie says: "Loving What Is".

Your Reality is not in need of substituting one belief for another!

The reality is that you are a believer and believe everything, even that you are not. You are not the denier denying everything - which is the defensive, possessive sickness not to be cured. There is nothing to be cured - only to be realized. This is the effortless truth.

We do manifest according to our beliefs. But this is not a mandate to change our beliefs from our desire to change our reality. It is only a simple recognition that is required, the recognition of the simple truth that we are manifesting according to our beliefs.

Understand that and you will understand everything.

Focus on your emptiness and keep it empty. Then you will be affirming truth and be fulfilled.

"Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is." And the underlying belief of the self is in insufficiency and inadequacy - of being "without", rather than "within". When we look to the outside world, we see that we do not have it, so we see ourselves as "without" it, and somehow in need of it. It is our first perception and reinforced as true by all around us who believe in it. So belief in the world is belief in our perception of lack, of absence, for which the only cure is knowledge of God, which leads us back to the inner life and results in the disappearance of the universe. Then we live guided by our inner reality knowing the truth and behaving accordingly.

So be guided by the Sufis who open our gates to Heaven through transforming and guiding our minds to the inward understanding and who do not fall prey to the illusions of the existence of the outward world nor give over their lives to the vain and futile struggle to change it according to their desires. Changing your inward IS changing your outward, for indeed, "as you believe, so shall it be."