/ Carbondale Diary
A New Thought for the Day
On the Meaning of "Experience"

Where AM I going with this?
Life has become an exploration for me. No longer am I in the driver's seat, governing and dictating which realms of familiarity I'll choose to enter today. I'm experiencing anew. But the experiencer is familiar.

How well do we really know ourselves?
We may not know the territory, but if we stick with the familiarity of our selves we'll be just fine in any and all conditions. It's when we allow the conditions to "freak us out" (of ourselves) that our experience takes on aspects of the unfamiliar territory, or unfamiliarity itself, and that we often chose to respond to with fear, rather than remembrance.

So I have A New Thought for the Day. On the Importance of Words. "Importance" means "that which is imported". "Imported" in this case is not meant in the sense of international trafficking of goods, but in the sense of received meaning. "From that I import that it is important to you to import to me the importance of what you are trying to tell me, or import to me."  It's different from "report" which is to reiterate information of import. To import is to attempt or succeed at making a point, at getting your point across in a satisfactory manner, eliciting understanding of the meaning of what you are trying to get across, or import.  It's important (meaningful, significant) that we understand the meaning of "importance", because words are important. Hence the title, "On the Importance of Words".

And the importance of words is just this -  Thought Are Things, and Words Direct Thoughts.

So let me direct your thought to the word "Experience".

It is Foundational to the Success of Progressive Development
to Share the Experience.

Do we not all agree?

There are two basic experiences - the experience of Love and the experience of fear. Actually, since there is only one experiencer, there is only one experience, the experience of Love in palpable, therefore gaugeable, quantity, the relative absence of which increases the potential to experience fear. So our capacity to experience Love governs our experience. And the process of Love is that of increasing our capacity to Experience Love. The more we receive, the more we are capable of receiving, and therefore sharing. We can only share what we have. Even if we have only a little bit, when we share it, it increases. So which 'experience' are we sharing?

Now this word, "experience" is a charged word. But it is an important word. It carries meaning of import, of impact. It may impact us positively, it may impact us negatively, i.e. we may choose not to use it because we are averse to the experience it brings with it when we hear it. People tend to avoid it because it may connote fear and unpleasant memories, or even temporality, i.e. "that was an experience", putting a definite beginning and end to it, but not thinking of it as ongoing. This is often a tendency in people who are uncomfortable in their bodies and do not want to think about the ongoing, even eternal, experience of life itself and choose to focus on the outward deeds of import to them. "It is important that we 'do', because it will bring or create 'this' result."  "It is important that we Love, because it will bring or create Progress." And to both statements I agree, but the question is always, "How?" How do we 'do'? How do we "love"? It's not always doing. There are times when we simply do not know how, or what, to do! What then?

What we need is a constantly available gauge, one that can be used at all times - one that fulfills us as we use it, so that by using it we can experience, and thereby gauge, our progress.

There are three types of sharing: the sharing of information, the sharing of vision and the sharing of experience.
  • Rare is the Information that imports vision and experience, and that is of the best kind. But most of it is useless in the realms of personal progress and development.
  • Vision may import experience but not necessarily. There are visions of hope, and of dreams and imagining - goal oriented and inspirational, and vision is most often imported, conveyed or projected by means of information.
  • Sometimes Experience can be conveyed or transmitted through information but not necessarily.  In most cases the most successful way of conveying experience is through sharing it. Hence the statement that it is Foundational to the Success of Progressive Development to Share the Experience.
So what 'experience' are we sharing? The Experience of Love. And how are we sharing it? By explaining the Principles of Progressives Development. And how does that work? Because Progressive Development Satisfies the Mind - it answers the questions we did not know we were asking, and shows the mind, where the limitless longing for limitlessness occurs, what exactly it is seeking and how, exactly, to attain it. And the definition of Progress as the Increase in our Capacity to Experience Love makes it palpable and immediately gaugeable should we choose to use it. It is the most satisfying because it fulfills the above requirement for a constantly available gauge, one that can be used at all times - one that fulfills us as we use it, so that by using it we can experience, and thereby gauge, our progress.