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Once and for All, How to Know Reality!

The essence of my message to you is: You're REAL! But your reality is even more real and beautiful than your Illusion. So keep your company with the People of Reality and not with the people of illusion.

Sufis are people whose hearts are in Heaven and whose feet on the ground. Faith is a clear and certain vision of the future. Your role in it is simply to hold it; to discover it and keep it in your heart. So clear yourself of doubt and unbelief with the remembrance and genuine contemplation, and do good for yourself. Live well and teach others the same. God is present and will always help you and guide you.

Accept yourself! Accept your Life! Every moment of it is God in action. Purify yourself of disbelief and resistance to Surrender to you life and your reality! Isn't that the point of Sufism and all spiritual paths - Surrender to the One?

You are there (present)! God (Allah) is there (present)! Accept your long and beautiful life and do something really good with it - for your Self! Realize your Self! Accept your holy Presence in God (Reality) and trusting God (Reality) to be there and to help you - and be free to build your life, your castle on the Rock of Truth in your Kingdom in the Heaven of your Heart. Even if you fail, your heart will be in the right place.

Surrender includes both accepting reality and letting go of illusion, not one, but both - even though they are the same thing. La ilaha illa 'llah means: No illusions, only Truth.
So Surrender to a life of Peace and Joy and Happiness.

Heal yourself in the physical through Surrender to your (changing) condition and learn your faith that will heal your heart once and for all, with certainty. Protect your self with the Shari'a, the Chariot that will take you across the stormy seas. The Shari`at tells you how to behave in the right way until you reach the heart; until you are transformed, and realize yourself as naturally imbued with all your rights as a free, believing slave (Muslim).

"Islam ad deen al fitr"
Surrender is the way of nature, so follow your purified nature. Fitr comes from fatara, "to Innate."

The only conclusion linear thinking can reach is that reality is not linear. Then it must give itself up to realize. It's the only conclusion worth reaching. Don't let your search for acceptance obliterate your realization of uniqueness. We find our way out of the trap by two acceptances: first that it's a trap, and secondly (more difficult), that you are not in it. Accept that it's a trap - objectify it - "It"- "is" "a" "trap" - "I" am not "in" it. Well, what does that mean? That "I" am the creator of it. Therefore "I" can create my way out of it. Literally, you can paint a door on the wall and step through it. Accept the emptiness, accept the longing.

Sitting with your dissatisfaction seems to mean being at peace with your conflict. If you're involved in your conflict, then you have vested interest, you have conflicting interests, a conflict of interests; you are on one side in favor of that and against another, if you are involved with your conflict.  If you are at peace with your conflict, then you are not involved with it and you can resolve it. Basically what that means is to find peace first and then resolve your conflict. The process of healing is the process of finding your peace. From there you can resolve what we call residuals. That's why we surrender first, then we can learn our faith (Iman) from experience.

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To accept what you have rejected, choose yet again.

We always feel inadequate in our relationship with our parents, but if we Put God first, and see our adequacy in God, we will see our parents' adequacy also. And they'll be right there, healed and in heaven, with us. As we see ourselves, so shall we see our parents.