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Your Greatest Need in Life

Every soul comes to the crossroads in their lives and there they stand and choose.  There is the way into the New, into the unknown, which has to be taken in faith, or there is the familiar road where material comforts and possessions are of supreme importance, where a 'position' is so necessary. I say to you "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven". Put Me first in everything and everything will fit into its rightful place. You will see everything in its right perspective. It is not really a hard choice; it is only resistance and possessiveness which make it hard. With love and many blessings,  ~ Eileen

Seek Me early, seek Me constantly, draw near to Me and I will draw near to you. I AM there ready to help you in every way possible. Why wait until you have reached rock-bottom before you seek my help?When things appear to be going wrong in your lives, learn from every difficulty, every trial and tribulation, and know with that deep inner knowing that you have important lessons to learn. Learn them quickly and do not try to resist them or try to run away from them. Simply know that when one door closes another one opens up for you and that anything that brings you closer to Me is all for the very best in the end. Your greatest need in life is of Me. With love and many blessings, ~ Eileen

Your Greatest Need in Life ~
One thing it might help to remember is that this life is not really all about you and you personal happiness, and when you make it such, that's when you make yourself unhappy. This life is about Me, and knowing Me and loving Me in every moment, in every pleasure and in every pain. In fact, pleasures and pains are quite alike in that they are both simply tests of your love for Me. They are able to distract you or able to strengthen you in your love and devotion to Me. If you turn away from pleasure and you turn away from pain, then you will truly be My slave and know My Love and Appreciation. It is through the self that you know Me, but not for the sake of the self but for My sake. It is through the self that you see the Land, and through the Land that you see the self. But focus on the Land, not the self.

Happiness is having, not not having. So HAVE what you want and your happiness (in faith) will bring it forth. Be patient. Life is long. I have the power to have the things I want. I take back the power and reality I have given to opposition. Mine is to be blessed with the sunshine of happiness, no longer to walk under the cloud of a curse of deprivation. And with this I bless this new land and the prosperous, happy people in it. Help me Lord. Help me in every way. Help me to be whole again, and to help other to be whole again, too.

Be free now of the need for wife and house for sure you are that you have those. And having completed your course in ministry go forth boldly and create for yourself the life of wealth that you desire and for those around you set the example of faith that you wish to show to others.

THE VISION - That you glorify in your mind the Ideal that you enthrone in your heart: This you will build your life by,This you will become.

For a man seeketh nought but his home! And what is more dear to a man than a home? For a boy it might be a mother, but for a man it is a home. And your portion is drawn to you with the certainty that you desire it.

As silent is right judgment as if dead.