/ Inner Adult
Sit in Your Power
(of Intention and Forgiveness)

Finding the Inner adult

Sit in the increasing power of your Inner Adult (Allah), and no longer in the well analyzed disempowerment of your childhood, "trying" to fix it. It takes faith but it builds it also, and that is important.

When you see a problem and try to resolve it, you are working from a point of disempowerment seeking the power to "resolve" it. This keeps you in the place of disempowerment. Rather than resolve it, which means fix it to fit in your "picture", make it right by seeing the wisdom in it. We can do this by not being affected by it, not influenced or hurt or triggered. And we do this by staying in the realization of our power (God). Then God will manifest whatever action is necessary and it will not be coming from the "moved" or disturbed you. So it will not be coming from your wounded child's need to heal self and others, but genuinely from His power, which you are a witness to.

Remember your accomplishment and work from there. Don't remember your assumed lack of money and work from there. It is not a money problem. That is an escape. What you want to escape from is your own power. You are afraid to recognize it. So are a lot of other people mainly because they're afraid to recognize their own. Don't think of the "dissed" you, feeling sorry for him and "trying" to console or reconcile him. See the work that you've done through Me and by Me, and stay in your power.

Way to go `Ali, don't you see the changes you're bringing about? Are not the changes faster than you can keep up with them? Are you afraid? Do you think this won't happen if it is My will? My plan is pure and certain. I will not be frustrated in My plan. And you'll be there to welcome them, confirm them and send them on their way.

We're so used to finding and assuming our weakness, it's as though we take our power for granted but we don't. We really deny it and do not use it simply because we feel forced into a diminutive play by the false need for humility before others, thinking that they have something we want. Yet that is not real humility before God. And if we still believe that we "want" for something, then playing to our "desires" will always work.

And that's what Ibrahim does. He plays to the desires, promising that what we want is available through doing this work (and paying him). In my case, he offers the promise of acceptance (which he didn't promise, but by referring to my "getting what I want", didn't have to because I filled in the blank, which is always "the gratification of the needs and desires of my wounded inner child"), which to me translates into work, money and power. So see how he presumes to hold the power to empower my powerlessness? And in exchange he politely requests that I discontinue exercising my power by not "teaching" ("just yet"), to "spend the time learning" which in and of itself is perfect and innocuous, and I'm doing anyway. But in this light it is actually a continuance of disempowerment and not the actual exercise of power which people seek. It is but a promise in return for payment.

Humility before God is to accept the work and position He has given you. Stay in your power.

It's time now for you to sit in and own your power. It's not the same as "standing up for yourself" which is what you've been "missing", and kind of what you've "always wanted". It's not the same as being your own father and nurturing the wounded, insulted or dejected child. This is a different power as it is truly from, by, in and of God. And only you can subtly detect it, although it is perceivable by others who are detecting it in themselves or in some way looking for it. It's kind of a missing link. Everyone knows that there should be some kind of payoff for and from this work we're doing. And everyone equally recognizes its absence. "What's he got that I don't have?" is kind of the nagging background characteristic question.

So is it time to come into your power? Have you not tested it enough and seen that it is good? Do you need to fight any more - for the "right" to your power, to "be" in your power? No! That's the wounded, insulted, dejected and rejected child seeking vindication in the eyes of others. Enough of that. Just be in your power, Stay centered and focus on what is more addictive to you than complaining. Be with the millions who get it and who've got it, not with the millions who do not. Say to yourself, "I have my power", and know what it is. Welcome into the world of everyday saints. 

Finding your Personal Power -
Why you can't have it until you don't need it

Because Allah really IS the Power behind everything and until we have truly Surrendered we will not have the Power of Heaven at our disposal. But the beauty and the power of the power of Heaven is that "we" do not have to use it, only abide in it and welcome others. There are no more urgent needs that define "us" as "needing" power. Our "need" to "use" it has long since dissolved in its own beauty, need having come from the ego's need to prove itself to itself and others, which need dies away when the real needs are discovered and fulfilled through the fulfillment process which denies that filling the needs is the way to fill the needs.

Which comes first - we no longer need it and that's why we have it or we get and therefore no longer "need" it? This is the power that there is no "use" for. This is way beyond "forgiveness" and "forgiven", for which there is no longer any use except in terms of description in process.

"There is no death because the created of God is like the Creator. Nothing you can do can change Eternal Love. Forget your dream of sin and guilt, and come with me instead to share the recreation of God's people. And bring with you all those whom He has sent to you to care for as I care for you."

What else is there to do but teach religion? Isn't that what my whole life and website is about? But I really want to make "friends" for Allah.