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Your Surrender

A Ten-Week Course in Self-Realization

"In Conscious Surrender Everything Makes Sense!"

Surrender is the key to Self-realization and Self-realization is the key to true health and happiness. Understanding True Surrender is the first Imperative and pre-requisite for an enlightened understanding of faith and health.  Learning how to Deepen Your Surrender is NOT Impossible! It is referred to by the ancients as "Learning How to Learn".  It leads to and comes from a correct Re-cognition, A Knowing Wisdom, and true Gnosis.

Faith without the fruit of it can often be a bitter pill to swallow. We must learn how to benefit from our faith and practice. This learning is accomplished through the practice of "Surrender at All Times".

Self-Realization is God-Realization. It is based upon the Holy Truth that -

"When You Recognize God, God Recognizes You!"

But how can we and how do we deeply recognize God? Through Simple Realization Principles and Totally Conscious Surrender!

Surrender leads to Recognition. The Recognition of God leads to the desire to Surrender more deeply, and a deeper Surrender increases your Recognition of God. God's Recognition of You increases your intelligence and your feeling of well being and capacity - to get well, if you need to, to succeed, or simply live a long healthy life.

So, If you are having any difficulties understanding yourself, including your personal, social, psychological, societal, religious and spiritual life or your health or relationships, it is only because you've run out of places to look for answers and guidance.

Deepening your Surrender - A Ten-Week one-on-one Course in Self-Realization by phone or in person will help you dis-cover where to look and how to look there. A True Surrender provides for you everything you need.  I Guarantee my Course. You will never look back. So call me for the course or for any of your counseling needs.

Ali Ansari

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"And upon the Friends of God shall be no fear nor shall they grieve." (Qur`an)