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Self Certification in Islam

How to Certify Truth

We Certify Ourselves by Certifying Truth

(As we remember God, God remembers us.)

In Islam, self-certification is not only a possibility and a joy, but a requirement. Self Certification brings Health and Happiness, so we are literally required to be happy. If we are not, we are not witnessing properly. And if we are witnessing properly, we will be content with Allah and His Prophet, and healing a feeling to a level of increasing improvement with which we will be well pleased, and which certainly leads to felicity in this life and hence, the hereafter. Otherwise we will find ourselves in continuing confusion, uncertainty and chaos, and wondering why. So if this description fits you, please come study with me for even a short time, and learn the keys to successful self-mastery, contentment and happiness. When we remember Allah, Allah remembers us. We take one step, He takes ten. When we send blessings of peace and love upon the prophet (pbuh), he sends them back to us. When we send blessings of peace and love to the world, the world sends back its own multiplied, as "a reward for what you have done". We truly reap what we sow, and heaven is the home of the believers.

As Muslims, we are required to teach what we know. And, as Muslims, our first knowledge is of the Unity of God and the Prophecy of Muhammad (pbuh). But it behooves us to know - at what level is our "knowledge" or our "knowing" of that. Our ability to teach or transmit is dependent upon the level at which we have actually internalized our knowledge (our students will "get it" to level that we get it - and maybe even more, but we won't get that), so this knowledge is also knowledge of the method of internalization, the embodiment or realization process (hence self-realization).

Ascertainment of the "level" of knowledge or embodiment is dependent upon, equivalent to and can be gauged by an embodied knowledge of the three stages of the process. It applies also to belief. Do we hear and speak of belief, do we witness belief or do we actually embody belief? Genuine transmission is a body to body experience. Total embodiment implies total acceptance. We only thoroughly believe what we have thoroughly accepted, and acceptance itself is subject to the three stages. We can think about it, we can think we got it, and we can really have it. We do not thoroughly believe what we do not feel or see embodied.

Accomplishment is based upon thoroughness of knowledge. It is impossible to create something without knowing how creation is accomplished. Since this is one of the knowledges included in the Science of Knowledge, it is often referred to as the Science of Accomplishment, or "How Things Get Done".

Knowledge of the three stages of learning constitutes the Science of Certainty. These three stages are expressed in Arabic as `Ilmul Yaqin, `Ainul Yaqin and Haqqul Yaqin. Without a third level knowledge of this science it is impossible to ascertain or honestly evaluate your level of knowledge of any subject or science, and that's why this science is often referred to as the science of knowledge itself.

Certain Knowledge, Certain Vision, Certain Truth

Manifestation - Haqq ul Yaqin: The certainty of Truth is the manifestation or the bringing of the certain vision into present reality.

Envisioning - `Ain ul Yaqin: A certain vision is bound to come into
reality or presence by virtue of the clear  knowledge that it exists. All that is realized has been envisioned first, and that after having been thought of or imagined.

Knowledge - `Ilm ul Yaqin: Knowledge of this certainty manifests in the teaching of it -hence the hearing of it, hence the certainty of its reality realizing itself upon the seekers of it.

The certification system, or the science or certitude, begins with hearing about it. The first step to any learning process is hearing about it. In the Sufi way, the learning process of self certification begins with hearing about it, this is the hearing of the knowledge that there is a way to certainty, a way to certify, a way to be certain. This way leads one out of doubt and despair of resolution of difficulty. This is a universally available understanding and has been expressed also in the Sanskrit, but for the sake of Sufism will be expressed in Arabic. The Arabic expression for the step of hearing about the science of knowledge is "`Ilmul Yaqin". It means the science of certainty, or the certain science. It implies its own existence and the existence of what it implies, i.e. certainty itself and the certainty of the science or knowledge leading to certainty.

As the discovery of, the knowing about or hearing about a science - realizing its existence - is the first step toward mastery of it or anything, `Ilm ul Yaqin, the hearing of the existence of such a science is the first step. So the science is defined and advertised by its title "The Science or Knowledge of Certainty". Defining certainty we come upon the ability to certify, or ascertain as to the veracity or validity of a knowledge or reality.

Self Certification and Health

Self Certification applies to health. Chinese medicine states that a person who is not his own doctor by the age of thirty is a fool. If we are walking the path correctly we will have knowledge of (or at least faith in the existence of knowledge of) perfect health. By this I mean a heart clear of fear and full of faith in everlasting life and knowledge of the perfection of the creation of Allah. It is a community requirement for there to be at least one person dedicated to the study and investigation of the principles of natural and spiritual health, healing and medicine.