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Self Certification and Health

Self Certification applies to health. Chinese medicine states that a person who is not his own doctor by the age of thirty is a fool. If we are walking the path correctly we will have knowledge of (or at least faith in the existence of knowledge of) perfect health. By this I mean a heart clear of fear and full of faith in everlasting life and knowledge of the perfection of the creation of Allah. It is a community requirement for there to be at least one person dedicated to the study and investigation of the principles of natural and spiritual health, healing and medicine.

To this end I offer one-time ongoing Saturday workshops on Natural Health 101, where we will discuss the principles of oriental health and medicine in the morning and the philosophy of homeopathy in the afternoon. This Saturday introduction may be used as the start of a more in depth course for students interested. 

Regular evening classes (7-9pm with tentative schedule) for those interested include:
Mondays: Introduction to Unity and the Principles of Spiritual Healing,
Tuesdays: The Meaning of Words - Sufi Vocabulary, Usage and Pronunciation,
Wednesdays: Sufi Practices - Prayer and Shari`at, etc.
Thursdays: Techniques of Remembrance - spiritual transformation on a pre-cellular level
Fridays: Counselor Mentoring - Case Studies and Training for Transformational Therapists.
Saturdays: Principles of Holistic Health and Medicine; Macrobiotics and Homeopathy.

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