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Ali Ansari
Ali Ansari

Carbondale, Illinois, USA
Well Being for Body, Mind and Soul

Conversational Healing improves your reality
by improving your beliefs about reality.

Guaranteed Results ~ First Session Free

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Traditional Health Counseling
Be Well Fast with Proper Dietetic Orientation
and Proven Energy Techniques

For your Health and Prosperity!

You can Find Your Way to Health & Happiness
Through the Miracle of Spiritual Connection
& Holistic Health Education! $60/hr.

First Session Free.

Spiritual Healing for Body, Mind and Heart

A Ten-week Course in the Realization of Personal Pwer
Well Fast!
Learn the Practical Applications of Spiritual Health

A Perfect course for your personal understanding.
Custom-designed to bring you into lasting health
through a practical awareness of your power
to resolve personal issues and be endlessly well.
Ten weekly 90-minute sessions; $100 per;
$900 paid in advance. First Session Free!

Training for Transformational Therapists
For professional healers and practitioners interested in
implementing the practice of Transformational Therapy

Transformational Therapy is the art of bringing others into the path of health
through the offering of Spiritual Connection and Holistic Health Education.
This course is designed for serious health-care practitioners
interested in utilizing this profound understanding
in their therapeutic or healing practice.
Ten weekly 90-minute sessions; $125 each

Post-Grad Counseling & Ongoing Support
(After Completion of the Ten-week Course)
$75 per session - monthly discounts

Ali Ansari is a New Thought Sufi Healer with an extensive background in Holistic Health Education. He has studied many forms of natural health including Yoga, Oriental Philosophy, Dietetic Healing and Homeopathy. His multi-faith approach to helping you re-establish your health and happiness is grounded in the healing principles of Divine Forgiveness, Compassionate Human Psychology, Non-dualism, New Thought and A Course In Miracles. He offers workshops and evening discourses on the principles of health and healing and the history of the New Thought movement. He is available for classes and group discussions as well as personal consultations by phone or in person. He may be reached at 618-698-8001 or email ali786 at