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Creative Masters
On the Constructive Use of Thought, Vision & Feeling

Mastering the Dynamics of Creative Manifestation

We are the Masters of Creation, and not just metaphorically.
The entire world as we know it is the product of our creation.
Masters of Creating Master Plans.
How to get what you want by creating a Master Plan
Show how it generates Money
transforms money into good deeds.

"Consciousness is all there is." "You are not the doer."
"God is found in your opinion of Him."
"If God is happy, so am I."
"This is what I want in my life.
Thank You God, for the gifts we are about to receive.
Atonement does not heal the sick for that is not a cure.
It takse away thr guilt that makes sickness possible.
And that is cure indeed. For sickness is now gone
and nothing left to which it can return. L140.4

Intentional Contemplation
Creative Visioning

Learning the Constructive Use of Power

The Power of Faith and Faith in the Power of Faith
Every single thing Allah has cause me to think of exists,
right down to the fantastic counseling job I've always wanted.
It exists, and I'm ready for it, so we must meet.
The more I receive, the more I want this to spread
It has to integrate into a progressive society.

What is THIS!
There is no doubt that it's magic,
producing all there is from all there is
Producing something, which is nothing,
from nothing, which is something.
Where did this amazing job come from?
I dreamed it up!
Where did the amazing company come from?
He dreamed it up!
And now for the merging of dreams.

Imagine this!
Allah gives souls the power and the command
to dream up the most incredible life for themselves
and they do, all at once,
and that becomes the world we live in.
Every soul is living the most incredible life
and participating in the dreams of the others.
even down to the villains who play theire part
so that the heros can play theirs;
and the beggars for the philanthropists;  etc.
And in the middle of the dream we wake up and realize it's real and realize our power and what we have been doing unconsciously and choose to take responsibility and conscious control to use our power of will for the improvement of the overall dream. And now we all contribute in positive peaceful ways to the creation of a paradise in which the correction of those who've played the villains may take place.

Believe in the unseen
are steadfast in connection
And share what WE Provide for them

You receive by accepting, not rejecting.