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Depression comes from the Disillusionment of False Expectation. In other words, when the reality of false expectations (the motivating carrots in life) dawns and we realize their illusory and unreal nature, we are left with a feeling of great and fathomless emptiness at the brink of which we stand in fear. When we compare this state of affairs to the one we had hoped for all our lives which never proved true even though we thought it would, we see that it is not the happiness we had hoped for and worked for all our lives, it is instead something of which we have no knowledge and for which we are entirely unprepared.(1)

But disillusionment in and of itself is good. It's one half of the path to enlightenment. First the illusions must come down because they are what delude us and keep us on the pathway of illusion from which we may never escape. For that reason it is a blessing when dreams collapse.

Now most people wish only to remedy their depression. Like all things unpleasant, they wish for it only to go away. But the experienced healer will realize that all things are there for a reason and that reason is more often than not to reveal a blessing.

The next step is to connect depression to enlightenment. For that reason I always begin this work by stating categorically that depression IS enlightenment. This statement will either shock us into the recognition and pursual of its truth or turn us away in utter hopelessness. Either way, it will stick, and it will start the ball rolling.

There are two ways to pursue a healing, and they are - either with the cooperation of the subject or without it. If the person is unwilling but the healer is determined anyway, the distance method of sending sufficient love, healing and forgiveness will work. If the subject is willing, then in-person reconciliation between family members, all being present in the individual will succeed.(2)
Thoughts are prayers. Send enough thought to one you care about enough to think about, and he or she will certainly benefit from it. The secret is in the saying that it's not about what you do but what you know. Since Allah (God) wants us to know him in all his Majesty and Glory, He continues to create interesting puzzles to attract us to Him. For the architect, architecture, for the psychologist psychology, and for the healer, the Oneness of ALL with God. (etc.)

So if a relative, let us say, is suffering from depression, the more thought YOU put into it and the more you learn about it, the more you are praying for him, and the closer you will draw to a perfect understanding which will bring about a perfect healing.(3) There is no malady the healing of which does not bring a proportionate blessing.

So if someone you love is suffering from depression, it behooves you to look into the enlightenment teachings of Unity Healing to learn all about depression and how to help people and yourself understand its nature and where it's really coming from. Like all things, yet another manifestation of Divine Love.

And how can our own healing be complete until we see our parents also in the heaven for the realization of which we pray?


1. The absence of success can create a paralyzing sense of failure with all the concomitant feelings of shame, humiliation and embarrassment. In the attempt to avoid these feelings we will adopt habits of self destruction such as alcoholism and gambling. Feeling that our lives are wasted we tend to say "what the hell, let's get on with the program."

2. This work of reconciliation is explained elsewhere in PMT-Healing Children through Healing Parents.

3. Again this is explained in greater detail in PMT. There is no doubt that puzzles in the form of human illnesses are presented to us to increase our understanding of God. And that without the puzzle of family dysfunction there would be no impetus to study psychology and/or spiritual healing.