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True Learning
(Samyama - Sanskrit for "The Power of Inclusion")
The Yogic Science of Accomplishment
"The group of three (dharana, dhyana, and samadhi, practiced) together as one,
is samyama - the perfect regulation of citta (consciousness).
The result is the brilliance of insight." ~ Yoga Sutras: III-4-5

The Three Stages of Realization
Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi

It is our SENSE of Separation from Essence that Causes Desire and Grief
Realizing that this Separation is Impossible is The Work of Realization.
The Work of Realization comprises Three Levels,
Discovery, Contemplation, Understanding

Discovery is the Initial Realization -
"Finding out" so to speak, that there IS
a Science and Knowledge leading to Comprehensive Realization,
or that Comprehensive Realization is even possible.
This is equivalent in Sufi terms to "`Ilm ul Yaqin", Hearing of Certainty.

Contemplation is The Work of Realizing, of making Real
the Process of Comprehensive Realization.
This is equivalent in Sufi terms to "`Ain ul Yaqin", the Envisioning of Certainty.

and Comprehension is The Actual Reality
of Genuine Comprehensive Realization.
This is equivalent in Sufi terms to "Haqq ul Yaqin", Realization of Certainty.

In Sanskrit, these are the final three of the eight stages to Unity,
Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.
Study, Practice and Realization

Studying the Knowledge,
Practicing the Practice,
Realizing the Reality.

It All Comes from and leads to

This Process is Called
Samyama, which means, in a sense,
  The Power of All -

The Power of Inclusion or All-Inclusiveness,
The Power and Process of Comprehension.

The Study of this process is singularly fascinating in that such a study actually increases intelligence and therefore the powers of the mind to perceive happiness and the fulfillment of true desires. Comprehension is itself a fascinating word in that it includes such meanings as "to grasp", to totally apprehend, to understand way beyond understanding, or understand understanding itself. Comprehension is acquisition, so it includes the powers of attainment. envisionment or true vision, and accomplishment.

Contemplate Reality
- The Process of Accomplishment

Ever noticed how "How?" is always the first question asked? Isn't it tiresome? At first blush it seems to be a question of technique, but more deeply it is a quest for means, like "what is the process by which I accomplish this?"

Discovering the process of accomplishment requires first the complete comprehension of what it is you wish to accomplish. Investigation will reveal that complete understanding of a finished product will necessarily reveal the means by which it was accomplished. And it must be obvious by now that we cannot manifest what we don't understand. Isn't that the gist of the "Repeated Lessons" Syndrome?

So if Comprehension is the key to accomplisnhment, what we really need is the Comprehension of the Process of Comprehension itself, or "How" do we Comprehend, because, as stated above, in the complete comprehension of an accomplishment is found its means.

This understanding of the Process of Comprehension, its principles, purpose, power and practice, is called in the wisdom teachings of ancient Sanskrit, "SAMYAMA", and it shows the way to the powers of the mind used for manifestation.  It is the true power of the mind, not the imagined one or the desired one.

To project and manifest the future, God willing, is entrusted only to the proven trustworthy. And how is this proven? By the nature, purity and power of the teachings he or she carries. And wherefrom come these teachings? Only from the True Self. Hence the Reality, Beauty and Power of Self-Realization.

So the first step in the process of accomplishment is the complete understanding of what you wish to accomplish. And - I now tell you - the first step for that comprehension is understanding WHY you want to accomplish it. So in accordance with the Buddhist principle of the Half Step Backwards, we check ourselves and ask - Why? What is my motivation for wanting to accomplish this? We must investigate our motivations because if the intention is sound the motivation will be pure and the outcome guaranteed and inevitable. And if not, then not.

So we apply the "principles of process" to accomplish a process the accomplishment of which will reveal the means to the accomplishment of what we wish to accomplish.

That's the answer to the question of "How?" It is also the Process of "Think and Grow Rich". (But in Sanskrit).

Comprehension is Acquisition. If you can comprehend it, you can have it. Projection into the future comes from a relaxed mind, not from desperation. A relaxed mind dwells in and knows only God. And from that, All Good Things Ensue. To free your Noble Self from the grips of desperation and fear requires only the comprehension of this process.

I, for example, see and know that you are in reality quite free and making the choices of your choosing. You, on the other hand might choose to argue with me on that point. I would then observe that what you are really desperate for, in need of and crying out for, in spite of the fact that you are receiving it, is what we call Reality Therapy, and tell you that in the course of that therapy you will gain the above mentioned Comprehension by which you would identify the nature of your slavery and the sources of your desperation as other than your TrueSelf, which would thereby set you free to do what you really want to do in life, instead of wasting your time putting out self-created fires.

Self Discovery is the Fulfillment of Desires