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The Source of Frustration is Conflict

A Letter:

I Am SJA From India Saying As-salamu `alaykum Sir. I am a student doing my engineering final year despite my true and hard efforts in studies I am not getting the results which I deserve. This time I was very confidant of my results but it turned out to be the same. I knew something was wrong I asked a person who said was a Healer. He said there is something ill which is stopping my results. SIR, I'M REALLY FRUSTED FOR THE FACT THAT I MIGHT LOSE A YEAR OF MY STUDIES. PLEASE HELP AND ADVISE ME WHAT TO DO.

Dear SJ

The Mechanic in you is being challenged by the Intellectual. The desire to master simple or simplistic thinking is being challenged by the part of you that knows there is more to life than that. It's not easy, when you've set your mind to the accomplishment of a task, and staked a great deal of your self respect on it, to deal with or even recognize, let alone honor and allow, the part of you that does not want to do that. Yet we must courageously investigate, understand and have compassion on our urge to fail as much as encourage our urges to succeed. Both sides need self-understanding, compassion and acceptance, and this is not easily done. Mind you, I repeat, this is not easily or quickly done.

The harder we try to overcome our resistances to the accomplishment of our dreams, and I do mean they are dreams, the stronger and more resilient these resistances become. They simply refuse to be overcome, and this is for a very good reason. As long as we continue to enmify our resistances, the stronger an enemy they become, and I repeat, this is for a very good reason. If we see the 'very good' in the reason, we are a lot closer to resolving the enigma.

A People fighting against themselves can never win, because they can never become unified. So it is with the Muslim Ummah, and so it is with individual humans. If we are divided we are not unified. If we are fighting against ourselves we can never win. Can you see that?

But if we can include and befriend the 'enemy', is that not the very success that we seek?

So if we respect, listen to and honor the parts of ourselves that seem to be leading us to, or causing our 'failure' in a particular endeavor, we will ultimately be enlisting the additional power that seems to be deterring us from our objective. By listening to, understanding deeply and truly respecting the side of ourselves that is silently screaming for attention and thereby disrupting our endeavors to succeed at a given project, we effectively annul the negating stopping effect of that side. If we tell the fun-loving carefree side of ourselves that yes we know love and understand her, and somehow guarantee her that she is loved and recognized, and that she Will have her time, we will get her consent and support to allow us to move forward toward the successful and glorious completion of our task. But without that listening, complete and heartfelt honor, love and respect, we continue to simply cast her in a dark corner, so to speak, where her sadness and dejection will weigh upon us in a way to cause guilt of negligence and neglect, which will always hamper and impede our very best efforts to succeed.

I'm sure this will help, if you will apply yourself to understanding and loving the side of you that seems to be causing your limitations.

More on the basics of this theory can be found on my website under "The Power of the Silent NO!", but this is the essence of the matter and I repeat, acceptance of the 'shadow' self is neither easy nor quick, and requires a great deal of courage, but it must be done sooner or later because it will not just "go away". This is the key to your ultimate success, whether it be in your "chosen" field or not.