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Practice Radical Acceptance

Practice Radical Acceptance.
Don't fix em. Don't fight with Ego. Stop yourself.

If you're fighting with someone else's "ego", you're fighting with your own.

Have you not yet accepted that Ego is not going anywhere? Enjoy it and it will dissolve. Fight it and it only gets stronger. After all, that's what it's there for - to fight.

Give your clients enough space and they will reveal their truth to you and to themselves. They are paying for skilled and realized listening. Listening without the skill of self-realization will be distracted, distracting and off the point.

Believe me when I say, It's not about what you do, It's about what you know. To know Oneself is to Know Everything.

But we Must Understand The Wisdom Process! (1)

Staying Focused means that your job is not to battle with illusion, but simply to recognize the reality when they reach it, and know it even when they don't, because you know yours. Show them their choice to stay in it or not, and where they go when they leave it, and ask is that really where they want to be.

When they discover that their Reality is better than their illusion, because they feel better in truth than in falsehood, they will learn to make the effort to stay there, and discover that it helps to help others to discover it too.

It's simply a matter of leading them out of their illusions of happiness, through their depression to their genuine reality - Deep Soulful Sobriety.

That is the Beginning of Learning. For it is the distraction of our desires, both conscious and unconscious, that prevents us from focusing upon learning the means by which we can obtain anything.

This is How You Will Obtain Your True Heart's Desire.