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Why you Want to Spend your Money
on a Basic Training in Self Realization and Reality Therapy.

Self-Realization is a Holy Science.
You need not be a master to practice it,
or to pass it on. You need only to realize it!

It's Not About Money, There's Way More than Enough. It's About Value!
Considering that Everybody has enough money,
the Question remains, why would they want to spend their Money on this?

Understanding the Incomparable Value of Self Realization

The more you study healing the more you will be impressed that
The Root of Physical Health is Spiritual Health, and the Root of Spiritual Health,
and therefore all successful healing, is Self-Realzation.

When clients reach certain realizations,
 illnesses disappear, diminish, decrease and go away.
This is an irrefutable rule and there may even be a mathmatical corollary.

Sitting with a Therapeutic Practitoner of Self-Realization
in a discursive environment based on doing the work of self-discovery
must necessarily lead to benefit simply because of the intention.

A basic training in this practice will remarkably increase your ability
to source core personal issues and relieve pain and suffering.

The success of a healing session and the duration of its results
is directly related to the realization of the practitioner.
If Self Realization is identified and recognized as the process and the goal,
the process of healing will be facilitated, accelerated and enhanced proportionately.

Proper Education Always Corrects Errors

It’s been proven beyond your shadow’s doubt that illnesses are both caused and anchored by emotional distress.

This line of investigation is so popular that leading healers are avidly researching the cause of emotion itself with an eye to helping to heal all kinds of seriously crippling physical illnesses. In the finest sense emotion is a result of attachment to movement, either for or against an external object or internal feeling, and this movement is based on preference. A great Zen teaching states something to the effect that preference is the initial destabilizer and that lives can and should be lived in awareness of that.

Attraction and Repulsion are the active manifestations of preference, and the beginning of motion, attachment to preference is the beginning of emotion and the disruption of perfect personal harmony which is the action of God Alone with no personal participation, therefore no person, therefore no distraction, therefore no stress, therefore perfection, therefore perfect health and healing.

How then is the absence of perfect stillness of consciousness, unmarred by personal preference, not the cause of agitation, which is the cause of desire, stress, deterioration and illness? And how then is peace not the requisite for the reestablishment of harmony?

Basic Buddhist teaching is to accept life. Absence of this teaching leads one to reject life, to hate it and try to change it, as for example, Islamic pride and separatism is the cause of terrorism and the downfall of its nation.