DharmaTalks - Parlor Tricks


Understanding the impedances to our willingness to experience reality is the very nature of the work that we do. We are not interested in using any form of destructive methods to create or enhance perfection. Simply by understanding the nature and divine purpose of ego, it is possible to allow it to dissolve into love and forgiveness.

The nature of the Universe is Unity, which is the center of Comm-unity. What that means is that no one can stand alone, alone. Yes we stand alone, but in company, otherwise we are alienated and self-isolated and necessarily in the self-created illusion of suffering, and that can happen only in the mind, for it is not a reality. And we cannot see it because we believe that it is the norm. Our own isolation projects itself outwardly onto the so-called world around us and we see it in everybody, and therefore assume that it must be and is the reality in which we live.

Within the society of supposedly isolated beings however there walk free men and women of enlightened liberation. These are the people of transmission. They have rediscovered SOWF - the true 'Sense Of We' Feeling. They can and do reflect it at every opportunity, and our frustration, fear and pain provide serious impetus toward this form of reality healing.

So please connect with us through yourself now, wherever you are. Your reality is not far from your illusion, and your illusion is not as far as you think from your reality.