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Finding Our Inner Dignity



Bringing Peace to the Heart - Healing the heart is the process of finding our Inner Dignity. Souls are quite dignified, and Soul heals! For Soul is the manifestation of The Divine. Allah created all souls in His Image. This means - that he created our ultimate perfection from His Essence to be a perfect embodiment of all of His Divine qualities.

"All your images of winter I see against your sky.
I understand the wounds that have not healed in you.
They exist because God and Love have yet to become real enough
to allow you to forgive the dream."

Why can't we find our Peaceful Heart? For the most part, life in this world of illusion is a sham. Confidence built upon confidence, where there is none in reality. Everyone in his mask, his forward 'persona', knowing and believing that everyone else is there too, and no one in his truth. It's the way of the "world". Illusion supporting illusion, game supporting game, all in the name of mutual benefit, when all we need is a crust of bread. A constant negotiation for things we think we need. "If I help him get that, he'll help me get this."

Newly created 
by mom and dad
from the spark of Love
however brief

Born by Love
into a world
of separation
and self-created

it to be
all there is, 
its loss
is indeed to be feared. 

Consistently, habitually and chronically off-balance, we can't even find, let alone stay in touch with, our own inner dignity. We are so out of touch with our deeper truth (we are eternal beings) and reality that there is no longer any mention of it at all in our personal lives or childhood educational systems, and we have totally abandoned the search for it. And we do not perceive that our physical lives are in jeopardy only due to this negligent oversight. Natural living has become not just a joke but an impossibility. Diseases that were seen only rarely in the very aged are now commonly accepted as inevitable possibilities in our infants. We are a marketer's dream. Our lives are now committed entirely to the pursuit of outward values. 

Our hearts will never find peace until we change our intention from living in show and hypocrisy to living in reality and truth. We ask ourselves how can we know what's real, and how can we find it? With question after question, we continue the attempt to convince ourselves that we do not know. We force ourselves to remain in victim mode (or in the 'empowered victim' mode) in the false belief that it is the only way to get what we want, but within our hearts, there is still an inkling of doubting truth.

What can we do? Understand the Nature of Surrender. If we are truly sincere and recognize the difficulty we are in, then we will seek at all costs to find and know our spiritual truth and reality, and it's not far away. All true spiritual teachers can show you that even temporary divestment, a specified time for a guided inner seclusion, a trained withdrawal of the senses from outside glitter and personal concerns, and a moment of singularity of focus will be a sufficient beginning and lead to an increased awareness of possibilities. That's your Spiritual World. They will invite you to sit quietly in the same light that they are in, and to allow it to shed over you until you can feel it. Then you will be helped and know how to discern the healing light for yourself. Thus begins a new life in a New World - a life of spiritual wonder and freedom from the burden of overwhelming responsibility. 

An increasing awareness of the Divine Nature of Creation and its Author is the process of life and the basis of all healing. It can be catalyzed or accelerated by associating with those who are living in it. All real religions, paths and spiritual teachers are about providing an opportunity for truth, soul recognition and self-realization, spiritual health, peaceful loving hearts and heavenly co-existence in our world.

True Self-realization is the key to the whole-hearted joy of life. It necessitates understanding and accepting our fears. That's why we all need help. 


Surrender is the means to Self-Realization. Self-Realization is a Functional Awareness of Soul, i.e. Soul-Recognition. Soul-recognition is the source of health and healing. Soul is each individual's manifest portion of unlimited divine love. It is maintained by the constant, unfathomable, unending outpouring of divine love that maintains creation and everything in it in perfect, beautiful, seamless harmony. Self, the physical body, is the means by which we perceive Soul, and thereby receive divine love, hence the importance of cleaning it and keeping it pure, for God alone. This purification implies the investigation and removal of the inner causes to not receive divine love that have been planted there by environmental inheritance.  

Surrender means letting go of the fight, laying down the weapons of war, allowing God's will to unfold as it may, and relinquishment of preference or attachment to outcome. Enough surrender and your true self will finally emerge. Your true self, or soul, is the means by which your body receives love. Your false self (ego) is the means by which it receives the punishment that it is due in your mind. If you use your body for the accomplishment of artificial goals for the sake of artificial responsibilities, then in effect you are saying that is what this body is for, it is not worth anything else, and that's certainly a form of self-punishment.

People will lay their bodies on the line for their ideals, no matter how perverse those ideals may be. The last thing on their minds is the concept of laying down the struggle. They call it "giving up" and will "never" do it.

But peace is a requisite for health. A peaceful heart is the absolute requisite for a peaceful body. Without peace there can be no perception of love and it is the perception of love that heals the body, heart and mind. And where does this love come from? What is the means by which we can attain to it and perceive it and receive it? It is not outside of us, so we have to stop looking. It's only when we stop seeking that we can feel. As long as we are seeking we're still in our minds and projecting a time or a place when or where we will discover something. But that "something" is not "located" in any place or time. It is not "out there" somewhere to be "found". "The goal is not found by seeking, but only the seekers find it".

Soul does not need healing. That would be like saying God needs healing. God does not need healing. God is the healer. It is from God that the energy of love, support and maintenance of the soul comes. So the Soul, created in God's image and supported completely in its capacity as the highest and most perfect manifestation of God's Self-Recognition, Love and Perfection, does not need healing. It has and is everything we need. But the self needs to discover the soul completely in order to rise to its fullest potential. And it does this by means of dissolving itself in the remembrance of God.

"Healing the Body through Healing the Heart" is the fastest and most effective means of healing physical and emotional difficulty I know. It is the essence of all true healing, and I would like to show you how it works. 

To that end, I offer evening classes and personal consultations in spiritual healing through reflection of soul-power and recognition of truth. These classes or consultations will help you to discover your sense of purpose and deeper personal worth, establish peace in your relationships, strengthen your connection with love and beauty, and confirm your surrender to truth. 

This is the very essence of success and personal healing. It will be of immediate usefulness to you in your personal life, your business or your healing practice. 

How many people would you like to help? Do you know anyone who does not feel the desire to discover, establish, strengthen or confirm his or her sense of physical strength, spiritual power, personal truth and inner connection? So please talk to me if you are interested in discussing classes, groups, business or personal sessions. For a personal appointment or to schedule a phone session, call 707-965-0584. I'd love to help you get to know yourself better.