/ Temple of Divine Mind  ~
by Ali Ansari

'This' is not Belief.
'This' is not Knowledge.
'This' is Reality.

Thanks, Praise and Gratitude be to Allah (That Unity, the study and contemplation of which has fascinated us all of our lives) Who has guided us to 'This'. And we would not be among the guided (to 'This') were it not for the guidance of Allah." ~ Qur`an

"...and how can I explain to you what 'This' is?"

One thought of 'Absence'' leads to the world of error. One true thought that there is no absence of life, substance and intelligence in my idea of good, restores to us our rightfully divine inheritance.

The Miracle is, by definition, Divine. We All need The Miracle in our lives. We either recognize our lives as The Miracle we need or we do not. But in either case, we need The Miracle in our lives.

Many people have health who are not necessarily healed. People who are healed are no longer concerned with health and that is why it is granted to them. Their very disconcern for it is why it is granted them.

What is it that healed people are concerned with? They are concerned with The Miracle. They are literally fascinated by it; in awe of it. It occupies their every thought and glance and moment.

"One Perfect Thought of God, inserted into the body, will heal you perfectly!"

What a profound thought! Can we even begin to fathom the reality of that? Why, Yes! We can if we want to. If we are interested in truth in any fashion, we must be fascinated by the potential offered in this one idea.

Following Truth
The Search for Truth
Is There Such a Thing?
Defining Truth
What is "The Truth"?
Hearing, Seeing, Believing
What You Must Believe - The Miracle Exists
Reasoning Leads to Reality
The Reasoning of The Miracle
The Realization of The Miracle
The Mission Accomplished
The Discovering of The Miracle
The Exploring of The Miracle
The Healing of The Miracle
Healing With The Miracle