The Many Answers to: "What Divine Science Offers You!"

What! --- Does Divine Science Offer You? There can be many answers to that question.

The Infinite Mind is the true homeland of the soul, and according to our unfoldment in consciousness, we demonstrate and gauge our standards of living.

All that He is, does, and has is ours, for we are sons/daughters and heirs to the whole kingdom of spiritual science, and shall always have the fruits, or outer manifestations exactly in proportion to the poverty or wealth of our consciousness. (The more we are aware of how wealthy we are, the more wealthy we are.) (You'll se it when you believe it.)

To believe in the Good, to affirm the Good, and to act the part of a true child of God, here and now, is to uncover the divinity that is within, and to demonstrate the health and right conditions that are ours in the divine Plan. (Gazing upon a kingdom, Peaceful, Glorious.)

"Therefore, whosoever heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man who built his house upon a rock." Matthew 7:24

Paraphrasing the magnificent tribute to the Science of Being by Ursula Gestefeld, one of the great spiritual teachers at the turn of the twentieth century, we affirm that, the distinctiveness of Divine Science is that its eye is "single" --- single to the purpose of existence and the meaning by which it is worked out: it teaches rather than preaches; affirms and never petitions.

The consciousness of the omnipresence of God befriends without weakening; stimulates without intoxicating; leads without driving; does not play upon natural fear, furnishes ground upon which to walk, rather than arms in which to be carried; strengthens impotent feet; feeds starved minds; and nourishes impoverished souls; declares a salvation for all men; points directly to the individual and says, "Thou art an individualized expression of God."

It is our continuous remembrance of God as the divinity of life which gives rise to human existence, that leads to improved mental and physical states of being and enables us to excel in all our endeavors.

Conscious communion with the Infinite brings out the highest qualities of good in human living. It is conscious contact with the Mind and Life of God as the universal All---that causes the individuality of man to come into full flower. One of the great revealed mysteries of life is the truth that until the soul finds itself within and a part of the Whole, it is not completely self-knowing.

Human living becomes beautiful and powerful only when associated with its eternal setting in the divine Ground of its existence (new land), the omnipresence of God. It is the Immanent God doing His work and making His way in and through the receptivity of the individual soul by the sheer power and quality of His nature that expresses as the genius of the individual.

Divine Science, through lifting the thought of the individual, and through centering his attention in that realm in which he was conceived, and for which he lives, uncovers, and reveals the innate health and strength of his perfection in accordance with the cosmic Will and Plan.

Thus, we see that the universe is cradled in divine science, and that it unfolds into its ultimate realization of good through the practical application of the divine science of life! Right here and now, in the midst of the material environment and circumstances in which we find ourselves, objectively speaking, we must start our spiritual journey into the omnipresence of God.

We do this by taking time to get still; by keeping constant guard to see that our thoughts, words, and acts are positive, wholesome, true to Principle. We must have intensity of desire, definiteness of purpose, willingness to let God have His way in us and through us and for us. We must have faith in the wholeness or integrity of Life. No matter how fragmentary or disjointed our own human lives seem at times, we must know that there is an integrity that guards us, watches over us, and is the custodian of our soul's growth.

Grow we must, for this is the law of unfoldment that governs every human being.

God is undiminishing Life; boundless, immeasurable life cramming the universe. As we steadfastly affirm the presence of changeless, eternal life, health manifests as the orderly activity of our body temples.

God is undiminishing Intelligence, which constitutes keen, vigorous mental powers of decision.

God is undiminishing Love. This love is the Great Beatitude of the universe. It is that which adjusts, harmonizes, and draws our own to us. That which was ours by right of divine love---is forever ours even though its physical presence be withdrawn from our outer sight.

A persistent declaration: God is our undiminishing love bringing new joys into our experience and bringing about great events which bless us.

God is undiminishing Supply. His rich abundance of all things, freely given, is greater than we know how to receive.

God is undiminishing Purpose. The Father has a Plan for each one of us that is our assurance of complete well being. There is a place in life for everyone, where he/she can give and receive the best. Application of the principles of Divine Science is the necessary prerequisite to the demonstration of good that is constant and unvarying. Practice makes perfect.

Divine Science, then, offers you the knowledge of the presence of God and the power by which He accomplishes things in and through His creation and His created.

Divine Science also reveals the way you may work with these laws for the outer manifestations which are always commensurate with your state of mind.

Divine Science is a scientific teaching of the principles utilized by Jesus Christ in all his demonstrations, which teaching he, himself, said, comprised the spiritual and mental "Open Door" into the Kingdom of all good. For it is the Father's desire that we should have good, undiminishing good.

What Divine Science can offer you can best be summed up in these words:

The study of Divine Science leads thought beyond the narrow limits of denomination and creed out into the larger Life of the Spirit where the soul and its God find complete unity of aspiration, will, and action, and we are able to reproduce the works of Jesus Christ in our own experience.

Practice of the omnipresence of the Living God---eventually overcomes all known or unknown resistance to our ultimate Christ destiny.

Divine Science, in method and spirit, is dedicated to better living.

If these words strike a responsive chord within the soul of the reader, we invite you to join us on our Spiritual journey.

"He who knows what is truth,
speaks of what is as eternal life,
And of conditions that have passed away
as temporary beliefs."
Malinda Elliott Cramer  1845-1906