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Healing Stories with EFT
(Excerpts from the EFT Newsletter)

From Gary Craig: Finally, our 7 minute introductory video can be seen on our home page. I am thrilled to announce that a first class video introducing EFT to newcomers is now available on our website. It was several months in the making and was contributed to by numerous EFT clients and practitioners. The video was created by Drew Heriot, the director of the popular movie known as The Secret. It should convince even the most ardent skeptic.

First class result on a heroin addiction: Let experienced EFT'er Aileen Nobles take you through the details of unraveling her client's 6 year heroin addiction in 4 sessions. Please note her many creative approaches, including how she uses a light switch metaphor as a means to test how well things are going. Also note that first class results like this are rare with conventional treatments. A success like this one, however, does not always mean that the job is over ...

"Acceptance Tapping" - A powerful EFT treatment variation for severe compulsive disorders and bulimia.: EFT Contributing Editor, David Lake, MD from Australia provides us with an easy-to-use approach that has proven effective for even the most difficult of cases....such as OCD and Bulimia. He calls it "Acceptance Tapping" and, in essence, he has the client accept their condition the way it is without trying to change it. They simply tap continually while the behavior is going on.

A procedure for smoking and other addictions--80% success rate: Dr. Carol Look graciously details for us her protocol for helping clients with their smoking addictions. Please note the built in procedures for targeting the underlying emotional drivers--very important, in my opinion. She also provides a history of her clients successes to date, indicating 80% effectiveness.

Addictions and a class on The Roots of Weight: Addictions come in many forms. Some involve substances while others involve behaviors. Some are simply physical addictions while others are driven by numerous unresolved emotional issues that create anxiety and the resultant need for one's tranquilizer of choice.