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Discovering our Natural Self-Sufficiency

The Satisfying Nature of this Knowledge

Because it’s an inherent part of a fulfilling faith, just the knowing recognition of our true Self-sufficiency is a source of immense satisfaction in itself.  It is deeply satisfying and a huge relief to know that we have discovered within us our true self-sufficiency; that it is innate and functions on its own, to feel it working for us,  and all we need to do is jettison our objections to it.

In our deepest being we are innately fulfilled, fulfilling and satisfied. It’s just a matter of getting our focus in touch with our being and then developing the practice of staying there. Because it is such a pleasant experience, it becomes easier and more enjoyable with practice. It is that very joy and feeling of well-being that becomes the magnet for increased prosperity. Tradition tells us that gratitude is the key to increase, and happiness, joy, satisfaction and contentment are all manifestations of gratitude.

Honestly, if you have any material goals or motivations left at all, you are still not seeing things as they are. The catch is that if you are ‘changing’ the way you look out of material motivation, you are still not changing what you are looking at inwardly or the way you look. Only perfect satisfaction with God will satisfy us perfectly, and it is this perfection that is the magnet that attracts to us all we’ve ever wanted. Then we know we are in the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added unto us, by simply willing it.

It is important to know the difference between want and need. We can have what we want but what we need is kept from us because it’s not really what we need. It is important to realize that we have already what we need. We may have to think about that for a while, but if gratitude is the key to increase, then that gratitude is expressed by “doin’ what ya can with what ya got”, and that’s how we get what we want.

Our innate satisfaction allows us to peacefully grow with little or no disruption from desire, for we need no longer to desire, knowing with satisfaction that the nature or our God-given reality is self-sufficiency. We do not feel any need at all to exercise it and we are satisfied with that. It is that developed contentment and sense of satisfaction with God that is the magnetic grounding for the inherent increase that must follow. The means to gaining or reconnecting with our feeling of contentment is called ‘sitting with our dissatisfaction’ - identifying our emptiness and staying with  it until it fills of its own, which it will. This is the disciplined method by which our true self gains the upper hand over our fears and illusions, and it is only our fears and illusions that keep us from experiencing the satisfaction and contentment of prosperity.

Just like self-sufficiency, comprehension of the transitory nature of the apparent materiality is an attribute of the true self, for the egoic self cannot grasp this simple fact. As long as we are giving reality to what is fundamentally and obviously unreal we are living in our individual, made-up minds, manifestly and intentionally self-deluded (trained); so we will be chasing after ghosts, idols in our minds, as it were, in our quest for success. To give the apparent materiality reality makes it also completely unfathomable and leaves us empty-handed and in a state of bewilderment and loss. As a consequence of choosing to maintain this delusion we will not give proper attention to our true nature and therefore cannot and will not discover our natural self-sufficiency, which is the key to true prosperity.

Only our reality can understand unreality and since it seems like both exist simultaneously, we can choose on which side of the apparent divide we care to stand. If we stand on the side of the apparent materiality, and give lie to the qualities of our souls, we experience emptiness, isolation, loneliness, desire and loss. If we choose to stand opposed to it, content in our understanding of the temporal nature of life, we can experience our reality, because our reality, whether we pay attention to it or not, is founded in truth, and recognizes untruth for what it is.

To stand on the side of the truth that asserts the apparent material world is empty, transitory and illusory and void of value may also be bewildering at first, but with the smallest amount of conviction the reality of it soon becomes obvious and the benefits apparent. It is at that point that it is wise (and easy) to seek the company others of like mind.

Learn to Live a Life of Beauty and Love

Living a perfect life requires self-education. The spiritual teachings of all traditions tell us that the root cause of suffering is ignorance, which is deliberate, implying that we are not paying attention. What are we ignorant of? We are ignorant of our divine perfection, which we must then learn about. We are ignorant of our perfect spiritual reality, which is our true source and real guide. We are also ignorant of the benefits we receive from paying attention to it.

This ignorance need not exist. With a little bit of attention, we can know ourselves. In order to learn, we must have faith, study and read, and align ourselves with the students of this knowledge. With study comes certainty, and certainty is the foundation of human confidence and the antidote to all fear.

On the Importance of Spiritual Healing

Ever noticed how Western Medicine has no cure for anything? It has only dangerous drugs and surgery. That's because sickness is a spiritual disease, not a physical one. It cannot be cured by people with the same disease. A Course In Miracles tells us that all therapy is psychotherapy.* Spiritual Healing is the healing of the mind by putting oneself onto the path of Truth. It is the practical application of reality to the minds of confusion and fatigue.

Reality is difficult to discover precisely because it is covered. It is hidden underneath our layers of personal self-concern. But Reality Heals! Indeed, it is the only thing that heals. It is well worth the undertaking to discover it. You become a true doctor in a world of illness; a true psychotherapist in a world of confusion. Such is the goal of any true spiritual path.

Do you need or want to get really well and learn to live a life of beauty and love? Do you want to learn the science of spiritual healing? Here's what I know for sure. At the root of your illness is a deeply buried expression of malcontent. Self-expression is the cure. If you can speak your truth, you WILL get well. Intelligent and guided listening will help you discover your real reasons for being sick. That's what I do. Been doin' it for years. Healing occurs on hearing your own reality spoken. Not read. Spoken.
* Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process And Practice - An Extension of the Principles of A Course in Miracles

About Prosperity

It's a shame that so few people know ‘how’ to believe in God, since proper application of principle increases benefit. Everyone thinks they know 'what' they believe (or not).  Everyone can objectify. But fear keeps people away from the subjective experience. Ask people what they are afraid of and it will ultimately come down to 'The Truth'.

Nothing is easier to satisfy than the true self, for the true self is created in the image of Divinity for the very purpose of experiencing and reflecting a happy, trustful existence, and manifesting gratitude in the form of praises for the divine nature in which our lives and worlds exist. Find your true self and you will find your source of abundant satisfaction. And satisfaction can be enormously increased by paying attention to your experience of it.

This is the universal secret to life, health and longevity. Find within yourself your source of health and well-being and apply it to your physical existence. Pay attention to your true self and your satisfaction will increase exponentially. Exponential increase in satisfaction leads to contentment and success. A solid and confirmed inner connection is the key to every  success.

About Physical Health

The more I study and practice, the more amazed I become at the integral relationship between trauma and physical difficulty. Even so-called 'systemic' illnesses are at least ameliorated by astute psychological conversation oriented toward the discovery of unconscious emotional reactivity, and at best they can be completely relieved and abolished forever.

Traumatic events leave a forcefully imprinted belief on the victim's psychological makeup. That belief will be faithfully relied upon as true and automatically and unquestioningly acted upon accordingly. It will not be questioned or re investigated until sufficient pressure builds that its consequences can no longer be borne or ignored. At this point a skilled and experienced self- investigator may have an opportunity to bring into question the underlying incorrect assumptions that are at the root of the problem.

This is not the kind of work that can be done alone. The reason for this is that the conflict of interest is too great. On the one hand the patient wants to uncover the root motivations of aberrant behavior, and on the other he believes them to be real and protects them - as he believes they protect him - with all his fearful heart.

This investigation into the physical and emotional impedance to a free and fulfilled life has been my life work for over 40 years, and I dare say I've become reasonably adept at it. If you feel you've lost touch in some way with your freedom, health and happiness, consider accepting my services for an introductory period of time. For further information, just call. My counseling is free of religious persuasion yet fully reliant upon the universal truths reflected by all religions and spiritual paths.

The Child Mind, the Adult Mind and the Mature Adult Mind - A Brief Consideration

1. The Origin and Maturation of the Child Mind – On the Nature of Ego
Self-limiting, self-deprecating, inferiority/superiority compensation, defensive, afraid, concerned, self-pitying, covetous, jealous, spiteful, vengeful, resentful. Even when it’s good, it’s bad.

2. The Adult Mind - God Realization  - The Discovery of Potential
The Battle Begins: Realizing the Reality causes one to simultaneously realize the untruth of all that one has held dear to one’s survival and development, and these well-trained and cared-for faculties do not give up without a fight. So it becomes a matter of choice. Which combatant will you energize with your attention? Will you pay attention to your God Consciousness – your adult mind, or will you give in, as always, to your child mind with all its self-pity, fears and neuroses.

3. The Maturation of the Adult Mind  - Spiritual Upbringing towards the Fulfillment of Potential
The adult mind does not KNOW its potential until it is shown. If it does not have a positive orientation in its work habits (i.e. the fulfillment of its own potential), it will by default fall back into its old habits which seem very real to it. Hence the need for exemplary mentoring towards life-mastery.

Embodiment? Here's what it REALLY means!

Embodiment is mental freedom. It is liberation from the bonds mental imaginings. This  Mental freedom - the freedom from bondage to sensory projection - is the goal of the practice of pratyahara, the fifth element of ashtanga yoga.

Pratyahara is considered to be the most important of the eight limbs of yogic practice.

How does embodiment equate with mental freedom, you ask? Because it requires feeling, true physical perception of our spiritual reality. 100% attention on reality allows for no attention to distraction, which all mental projections are: imaginings - distractions. Now how does that work, exactly, you might ask? Well, it's like this. Physical perception precludes mental projection. They simply do not function together. it's either one ore the other. So to preclude the attachment of of the sensory perception to objects of illusion, one need merely shift the focus of one's attention back to oneself, one's actual physical existence. In other words, feel - perceive by the body, not through the mind. Inhabit the body, not the mind.

This is is not easy to grasp since it's the very faculty of felt perception that the mind created itself to avoid, and it cannot really be conceptualized. it must be experienced and that requires a teacher who can bypass the imaginings of the mind and help the student identify the reality of true perception, and abide in it long enough to overcome the habits dedicated to its avoidance.

We can perceive who we are attracted to, what we are attracted to and what we really are.

Sensory Perception is of two kinds - Mental and Physical. Physical perception - perception from within and by one's physical self - is the act and result of embodiment. It takes practice. Mental perception - perception through the mind, is imagining. It is exactly that from which we wish to withdraw.

Embodiment is the key to abstraction. Abstraction (Pratyahara) is freedom from attachment through the withdrawal of sense perceptions. It is the absolute prerequisite for Insight (samyama). It is the practice of true presence and the only thing one can actually do. It is the practice of choice. Pratyahara means abstraction (the absence of distraction). It is practiced by withdrawing the sense perceptions back into the self. This withdrawal is accomplished most simply by means of a refocus of attention form the outer to the inner. its practice brings freedom from the bonds of sensory projection. Where do the sense perceptions withdraw to if not back into oneself?

Embodiment is the key to true self-awareness. True self-awareness is the awareness of self that is the awareness of God. With this awareness we can clearly distinguish between what is real and what is imagining. Any picture held in the mind of oneself is not oneself.

All imaginings aside, the self is fundamentally one thing with an inner, hidden immortal aspect that exists in eternity, and an outer, manifest mortal aspect that seems to exist in temporality. And between the two is the decision maker, the free will with its power of attention. The unification of the two is the work of self-realization.

Our bodies are receivers of divinity. If we are not living in our bodies we are not realizing Divinity. If we are not feeling, we are not perceiving the Reality. Bodies are generic. Allah is an equal opportunity Creator. Minds are individual except for the Common Mind, the Universal Mind, which is God. Understanding helps, and is the key to perception. Believable knowledge helps. It is the confirmation and guide of true perception.

The Realization of Divinity is the only true escape from illusion. It is the knowing and loving of things as they really are. The Prayer of the Prophet was: "Allahumma, Ara`ani kullu shay`in kama hiya" - "O Allah! Show me all things as they truly are."

Self- realization is the process of knowing Divinity. Knowing Oneself is the only Means to Knowing Divinity. Knowing Divinity cannot be done otherwise, for without including the self there is an implicit duality between the knower and the Known. Divinity can exclude nothing.