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IT'S EXCERPTED FROM: Does it matter where I tap? By Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake
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One of the major differences between EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and TFT (Thought Field Therapy) from which EFT evolved, has been the contention of many TFT practitioners that the particular sequence of tapping matters. TFT practitioners advocate a different set of algorithms (tapping sequences) for each different emotion to be treated, believing that the successful treatment is like finding a key to a lock. At the higher levels, TFT practitioners teach a diagnostic process for determining exactly “where to tap”. And the presumed highest level of TFT is the “magic black box” called Voice Technology, which is supposed to tell practitioners and clients the exact sequence of points to tap on for their problem using a secret proprietary technology known only to those who have paid the US$100 000 to learn VT.

Gary Craig long ago discarded the Voice Technology process despite being the first person to have made this significant financial investment. He also discarded the specific sequences for specific emotions idea in favour of his “comprehensive overhaul sequence” which is used in EFT, later refining his process to a shorter 7-point process. What Gary had determined from his own work with clients was that tapping on specific points didn’t matter as much as assisting the client to work more specifically on issues, in particular the specific past events behind their issues. In his advanced video tapes (available by clicking on the link at: ) Gary teaches processes for working intuitively using EFT, and determining points to tap on without needing VT – AT US$60 for Gary’s video CD’s it’s a far more cost-effective option than parting with $100, 000, especially since the results appear to be the same! More recently, Gary can be seen using a process of almost continual tapping within a relationship characterised by excellent rapport and conversations focused largely on core specific past events and their associations. In our clinical work we also had come to the conclusion that such “continual tapping” was one of the key elements for success, and David Lake wrote an article to this effect entitled “In praise of continual tapping” which was distributed via Gary Craig's list.