by Emma Curtis Hopkins

If I should take the unspoken sentence which lies like a hidden jewel
under the jagged covering of your thoughts about the things you do not like,
I would read it, "There is Good for me and I ought to have it."

At the word "God" many a mind rebels,
because it has become bruised by trouble and disappointment.
At the word that there is Good for everyone
and everyone ought to have his Good, each mind agrees.

Sometimes when you say to the sick man, mentally,
 that the Good he is seeking is his God, and God is free health,
he will get well in five minutes.
His mind was unconsciously groping around
for the Divine Word that could heal him, and you spoke for him.

"God is your Good; your Good is God"

The GOOD you are seeking is your free health
The GOOD you are seeking is unlimited strength
The GOOD you are seeking is your defense and protection
The GOOD you are seeking is your support and provision
The GOOD you are seeking is your Inspiration
The GOOD you are seeking is your Love
The GOOD you are seeking is your Happiness

"God is my Good; my Good is God"

The GOOD I am seeking is my free health
The GOOD I am seeking is my unlimited strength
The GOOD I am seeking is my defense and protection
The GOOD I am seeking is my support and provision
The GOOD I am seeking is my Inspiration
The GOOD I am seeking is my Love
The GOOD I am seeking is my Happiness

So hungry is the world for satisfaction
that it has been set down that the problem of life is
how to live and think so as to get satisfaction.
The sciences of man have not started their reasonings near enough
to the foundation idea of mankind to obtain this end.

No material process can bring health.
By a metaphysical process health will quicken and thrill mankind.
Nothing material can strengthen people, but the Omnipotent Truth
can strengthen them with all the power of Truth.

The principal point of truth is that satisfaction comes through Mind.
Mind speaking truth through the lips, or thinking Truth consciously,
can bring all the satisfaction to the world which the world is seeking.

Men formerly supposed it was truth to say sickness was good for them.
They thought it was something sent of God. But God is Truth.
Truth is a healing principle and not a sickening principle.
They found much sickness following them up all the time.
As soon as we say, "God is not the author of sickness;
God is Good, Good is Truth, Truth is God,"
we are brought to where we cannot declare that sickness is Good.
Good is God, therefore God is Health.

Yet, for a long time, some of those who have told the Truth about their Good
being unlimited supply may not have the faintest idea where their supplies are coming from.
They need to say that their Good is Intelligence. This is a truth that will soon work out.
 There will come a time when they will know that their unlimited supplies are in certain places,
and they need have no fear of ever losing sight of the rich provision of the Good.
Good is God. God is Substance. God is Spirit.
Therefore your supplies are to come from Spirit.
Your supplies, coming from Spirit, are Spirit.
It will not be a tribulation to practice providing for yourself
by telling the Truth after a little while.

To expect Good and to be very definite in the mind that it IS coming, is to see it coming.

If you have a clear idea of how sweet life, free and unburdened, must be,
look to this Science to bring you this life.
And declare very plainly that sweet, free life is your Good.
It will come streaming through you like the elixir vitae of the ancients.

If you name your Good, do not fail to say:
"My Good is my unlimited support, my unfailing support."
To every living creature we say, "God is your defense."
It is another chord which the unconscious mind is glad to agree with.
Our GOOD is our Defense.
Fear of evil is the only evil.
Do not forget to say, 'The Good I am seeking is Love."

"Perhaps it is not yet quite clear to you that every decision that you make
is one between a grievance and a miracle."