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1. The Explanation is the Cure - Not Knowing
what's Really wrong is the Disease
"The Truth Shall Set You Free." Oriental Philosophy tells us that Ignorance is the root of ALL Problems. Health takes place upon understanding the nature of Reality. This understanding must come about eventually as the result of studying Truth: The True Science of Life and Healing. Otherwise, what it the point of the study?

2. Learning is Healing - Knowing The Truth Heals
The Science of Life and Healing is referred to in the various New Thought Churches as Divine Science, Religious Science, Science of Mind, Unity and many others. This is the original teaching of Divine Forgiveness, Clemency and Salvation by Grace as spoken in the Ministry of Jesus and all other prophets, saints and spiritual teachers. It is the operational belief linking the mystics, visionaries and healers of all faiths. This science is the principle at the root of all the "successful living" programs built around spirituality and self realization. It is the core teaching of A Course In Miracles.

3. "As you believe, so shall it be" -Understanding the Fundamental Thought Process
"A Solid and Confirmed Inner Connection is the Key to every Success." A true and verified understanding of Reality will disolve the incorrect beliefs around which disempowerment and sickness gather, and the understanding listener will leave transformed in the spirit of the deliverer. This doctrine is often referred to as 'the healing idealism' or 'ideational healing' because it substitutes, firmly and scientifically, a genuine knowing for false assumptions and changes the object of our ideation (that upon which we contemplate, or fixate, consciously or subconsciously) from incorrect negativity to a real and true positivity.

4. Re-orienting
our Belief
The re-orienting of our belief by means of this learning effects a positive and beneficial change on our attitudes and approach toward the substance of life itself, allowing the cleansing and healing energies of Grace to flow freely throughout our body and mind. When the mind is at peace the healing is complete.

5. From Fear to Faith: Understand the True Nature of Health and the Source of Illness
The Science of Life and Healing connects you with your true source of happiness by lifting your fundamental thought process from that of life and death (fear) to that of Salvation by Grace and the guaranteed attainment of your highest ideals and ultimate destination, i.e. a divine and heavenly existence (faith).