How to Find Your Way Back Home

The Mind itself is the offender, and it cannot find its own way out of itself. It needs the help of the body intelligence. So put the mind to rest and let the body take over. It's the same as me telling a client to stop listening to herself and relax and trust in another when yourself is no longer trustworthy. When I speak for the soul, the soul always speaks for the body, not the "made-up" mind. The only mind that is reliable is the unmade mind, the disassembled mind, the empty mind, the Noh mind. All else is manifestation of personal imagination, created illusion, not reality. So be incarnate. Stop trying to attach or detach. You cannot find your way out of illusion from within it.

Why aspire for what you have already? Be yourself! In that you will find everything. That's all I am, and I'll never be more than I am. Yaaay!!!