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Associations and How to Release Them

The Intrapersonal Approach works on evoking unconscious patterns of association within an individual in order to utilize a Patient's own healing resources and its success is not contingent on a change in the Patients behavior with others. ~ Stephen Brooks

The Missing Element -

How to discover and claim your power to state your reality as you want it to be.
State it; Envision it; Own it.

As I believe so shall it be.
I believe I can write an original wealth-bringing, self-empowering book
on self empowerment that will work to help people
discover their power and empower themselves.

"Empowerments (Ali's new company) is working fine for me. I'll hire them any day. They brought to me this idea and it's working just fine and gives me many more new ideas also."

"Understanding the Nature of Your Power and How to Use It to Your Benefit"

Let's say that you are so disempowered that even the concept of using your personal power is foreign to you.

"Personal power?" You say? "Why, I don't have any power in my life. It just happens the way it happens. What 'power' are you talking about?"

OK. Let's start at the beginning. Your claim that you have no power is a manifestation of your personal power. You are claiming powerlessness, yet you are using you power to claim it.

Think about that for a moment.

Is it not your power that you are using to claim that you have no power? The power that I'm talking about is the power over yourself that you are using to not claim your power; to claim disempowerment; to DIS-empower yourself. That's the power I'm talking about.

"But that's not power", you say. "That's just a fact; stating the reality."

"Exactly!" I say. You are stating the reality of your having no power and indeed that's exactly what you believe and receive - no power.

BUT… You are still doing it.

What if you decided to do something different with your power?

You have that power anyway, you are just using it to disempower yourself.

And here's what it really means.

To disempower yourself is to divest yourself of - separate yourself from - any power or responsibility for the bad things that happen; to claim your innocence, to deny your complicity or guilt, and ultimately to deny your very existence and make yourself small and invisible.

A childhood tactic still in operation - believing that it's true even when you don't need it any longer. 

Yoo hoo… you can wake up now…

You have the power to state your reality as you believe it to be. Do you not? What if that insignificant power to state reality had a secret backdoor that led to its real power?

What if you could state your reality as you WANT it to be?

Fanciful imagination, you say?

Exactly, I say. Do it! See what happens. How do you feel when you indulge that grossly under-exercised power of fanciful imagination and see yourself as rich and famous?

God forbid! You say.

OK. God forbid. But still - indulge it for a moment - that or any other fanciful imagination that you believe will set you free and give you all the things you've ever wanted. Just tell me how you feel.

Better still, use your way under-exercised fanciful imagination to think up some possible scenario in which you are perfectly happy and your body feels wonderful, free and happy. Just do it. Think and be rich.

What do you need to experience the feeling of freedom? Imagine THAT!

Think about the end of your financial difficulties. Think of the romance and adventure you could possibly live. What's the best movie adventure that takes you everywhere in the world to see everything? Think up some fanciful imagination and see if it doesn't create in side yourself a warm fuzzy feeling. :-)

Come on - Do it!

Believe it or not, this is good therapy and a necessary step towards freedom and happiness - and with it comes health. Your body will not allow you to be healthy if you are going to use your health only to continue abusing yourself. Health comes with happiness, not misery. Misery only wants to end itself.

So. Here is the secret of your insignificant power to state reality. And if you think about it you will see that it is no insignificant power at all. It is quite significant because it is


Get it?


It just happens to be the case. (Do we not write our own book?)

What if you take the logic I've presented in these few short paragraphs and, recognizing your power to state reality for what it is (even though you deem it insignificant and no power at all, that's still you using your power to deny that it is a power), and using that insignificant power, even though you do not believe that it is any power at all, use it to state a different reality.

Go ahead, Lie!

Say, for example, "Yes. I suppose you could be right. I suppose I COULD think of my statement of reality as a power . . .MY power. After all, I do perceive it that way, that I have no power. So I guess I could call my ability to see it that way and state it as the fact of my reality a power. OK! It's a power. OK! I do have the power to state my reality. But how does that change my reality?

Here's the Mystic Gist of all this.

God has given us the ability to claim what we want, and our disempowered self wants anonymity, invisibility, innocence and freedom from responsibility for the bad things in 'our' world.
So it claims it and it gets it (more or less).

God has given us the ability to claim what we want, to state our reality as we want it to be,
and we are using this power, all the while disclaiming it. And we know it!

YOU are the Missing Element -
Say "I".
"I" am/is Real. "I" am/is Present.
"I" have/has Power over my life which I am exercising all the time.

The question is, in what direction?

Command yourself.
Command yourself to manifest your heart's deepest desires.
How now to come out from under the bed.