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For Newcomers - A Guide & an Explanation of My Work

To Facilitate your navigation through the volumes of work on these pages, I've created this page as a guide and explanation. You may return to the Homepage by following the links in the Upper Left Corner of any page. You may also Search these pages for references to a specific word or subject, or use the Site Map to quickly locate a particular Subject or Title.

The Point of this work is to make available to you my current understandings, after years of study, research and experience in Holistic Health Education, concerning the relationship between Physical Health and Spiritual Health and the importance and the means of balancing that relationship.

The Conclusions I've drawn from my studies and life experience is that Spiritual Guidance and Practices with Belief in God are requisites for Good Health and a direct line to quick, even miraculous healing. But that doesn't mean that they work alone or that you always know how to get them to work in your favor. That's what teachers and experienced healers are for.
For more on this subject you may read my article on "How Healing Works". (Use your browser back button to return exactly here.)

And for those of you who don't agree because you claim to be in excellent health and have no Spiritual practices and no intention to have any, I'd like you to know that my definition of Spiritual Practices includes Sleep, Lethargy, Veg-ing, "Tubing-Out" Over eating, Beer-guzzling, and general carelessness verging on self destruction. These are the spiritual practices which lead to more of the same, and not everyone who is legitimately ill is guilty of them. There are other causes for illnesses than careless irresponsible lifestyle but it is nevertheless a spiritual practice.

The upside to that lifestyle is that there is a lot of time for thinking and, consciously or not, healing old wounds that have persisted with you since before you care to remember. And that's what most of these careless but nevertheless spiritual practices are in response to - not wanting to care because if you stop to think about it, it just seems like too damned much.

Understand that rebellion is not bad, it's just a response. So is any form of self destruction including suicide. And I'm certainly not interested in trying to get you to change it if you are not. BUT - by perusing the pages on this web site you might discover an interpretation or two that helps you to understand your life and circumstance a little better, and that might help to make life just a little bit easier for you. And the my mission will be accomplished.

So thanks again for visiting and have a joyous education on these pages. Don't forget to recommend them to a friend.

Cordially yours


Sufi Healing and World Peace, SufiWorld

THE GUIDE - What you will find on these pages...

The Study of Health and Healing is traditionally broken down into three large categories. They are, roughly,

    * Preventive (Sciences of Lifestyles that include Fasting, Cleanses, Diet),
    * Curative (Medical or Surgical intervention, Internal Natural and Synthetic Medicines and Drugs, Various Therapeutic techniques, Holistic and otherwise,  and again Diet), and
    * Philosophical / Spiritual which includes Learning and Investigation.

In keeping with these parameters there are three specific yet inclusive sciences that I learned about early in life and have focused on and used consistently in my life and healing practice.  I advertise them on my Clinic Page. They are: Homeopathy, Macrobiotics and Sufism. You may know something or nothing about any of them, but suffice it to say that these three "Majors", in my University of Life, have proven true and infinitely useful throughout my years, and I highly encourage you to investigate their meanings to the fullest. With them your questions will be answered. Without them, your medical and Holistic Health education is incomplete.

They are certainly not the end of healing modalities, but they might well be the beginning. I refer to them in a very inclusive manner. For example, when explaining a Taoist (macrobiotic) viewpoint on the yin and the yang of foods, personalities and diseases, I may very well include references and corollaries to
Sanskrit, Yoga and Ayurveda. It all fits together under the category of understanding food, diet and lifestyle, which we refer to as preventive medicine.

It is quite common to refer to the more universally accepted knowledges and sciences when explaining some of the lesser known but maybe more appropriate ones, and for that I love and rely on Sanskrit, the language of Yoga, Ayurveda and Self Understanding. Homeopathy is a good case in point. Homeopathy has been fervently practiced and advanced in India, where the knowledges of the ancient teachings of
Ayurveda proliferate. Much of its advancement in the fields of constitutional, miasmatic and remedy analysis is due to their knowledge of the even more fundamental principles of Ayurveda.

About my three "Majors"

We as human beings are built to last a long time and do many great of good works on the planet. We need simply be wary of abuse, both to and from self and others. Guidelines are clear and available in all countries in all languages from all times for those of us who would be curious or needy enough to look around. The only thing that keeps us from looking around is some sort of fear or arrogance, both of which are products of abuse.

Since I'm explaining that "Attaining World Peace through the Spiritual and Psychological Healing of Faith" will be the focus of the major portions of this website, I need to explain where did the other modalities or "majors" go? And - how does my focus on the Relationship of Physical Health to Spiritual and Psychological Healing lead to my insistence on our need to understand Islam and world religions?

Even though I practice, teach and coach these amazing philosophical and scientific understandings in my everyday life as a result of having discovered and studied them early on in my life, It is impossible to write any more conclusively on the subjects than have the already published teachers. So a few simple pointers should suffice.

So, for a deeper Understanding of the Enlightenment Approach to re-establishing physical health through a science of Internal Medicine known as
Homeopathy, rather than re-invent the Wheel, I simply refer you to the already extant reference pages on the Internet where you will surely find a complete education on the subject.

The same goes for Understanding the very simple but all inclusively profound Ancient Oriental Taoist Philosophy of the Universal forces of Yin and Yang and their application to life in general and health and Illness in particular, I refer you to seek out the original teachings of
Georges Ohsawa and the generations of teachers and practitioners of Zen Macrobiotics.

The preponderance, however, of the work on this website is dedicated to my research and discoveries in self exploration over my life and more particularly the past ten years. Those of you who know me will know that it's entirely motivated by, related and pertinent to my search for causes and cures of illness and dis-ease, and has gravitated from the aforementioned sciences to a deep and penetrating look at the nature of human emotions and what causes them - which has led me to my current interest in the Nature (definition, causes and effects) of the Abusive Personality.

You will notice that this website is broken down into two divisions. On one hand there is the library, where all of my work to date is made easily perusable (with a little patience and a new site map and search engine) and on the other is my Counseling Practice and Studio, which I'm inviting you to be a part of and which I consider to be the essence of my work, and where most of my new work is being done. They're both related of course, one being the background and history of the other.

So to catch up to the present, or If you are interested in me or my professional services, simply come into my Studio or
Clinic and review the latest stuff, download the pdf. and see where it fits. Want to know my Policy of Fees vis-à-vis  Free Counseling, read "Why Free Counseling Works".

I remind you again, you may return to this page at any time by following the links in the Upper Left Corner of any pages.

Understanding the library is a bit trickier, so, here’s how it breaks down.

I have always been interested in understanding and then sharing my understandings of the cultural, psychological and spiritual influences that are shaping our times. I do this from the approach of understanding the interaction and balancing of the major and inescapable influences upon us no matter how hard we may try to avoid them. And they are - not necessarily in the order of importance - politics, world resources, environment, emerging spirituality, declining physical health - its causes and remedies - and the clash or harmony of religions, medical philosophies and cultures. So if you are interested in Current Events such as the spiritual and psychological roots of terrorism (yet more abuse), please read on.

For those of you interested in simply Understanding or enhancing you knowledge of Sufism, which I refer to as The Avant-Garde of Spiritual Psychology, I recommend going straight to the
Khaniqa. (Khaniqa is Persian for Retreat Center, or Zawiyya in Arabic)  It is a wealth of knowledge and personal Healing. Just start at the top and keep reading.

To Relate Healing, Spirituality, Religion and Contemporary Psychology to the World and Current events, please refer to the
Library, Again, just start at the top. It mostly revolves around my Book, "The Sufi Approach to Islam", with some introductory material on understanding Islam in terms of commonly accepted psychological principles.  The part of it about the Spiritual Quest of Iran may not strike you as particularly relevant at the time, But it's very interesting and an important part of the evolving picture. Understanding it will help immensely in bringing about a mutually peaceful understanding.