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Why you Want to spend on a Basic Training in Self Realization and Reality Therapy: To Clients and Practitioners,
For More About Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Healing and Holistic Health Education, Please enter my Clinic,
Heal Personal & Family Relationships; Discover the Spiritual Solution to Every Problem: Doin' Your Homework,
To Understand more about Reality Therapy and Training for Transformational Therapists, come into my Studio,
For Healers & Therapists, Understanding Karma and Dharma, Healing the Abusive Personality: DharmaTalks,
More on Cancer as Unheard Complaint; Three Responses to Fear; Absence of Personal Fulfillment; Avidya,
Understand the Complexities of Healing Children: What Kids Really Want & The Primary Mission Theory,
 Spiritual Weight Loss & the Relationship of Thought Orientation to Proper Metabolism, read Lighten Up!,
An Understanding of our Impedances to our Willingness to Experience Reality, read: In Defense of Ego,
Understanding Resistance - Finding Your True Love & Success Through The Power of The Silent NO!
Revealing Your True Self and Readiness to Transform the Abusive Personality - Polishing the Pearl,
Our False Sense Of Separation (SOS) is the Cause of Grief, Anger, Desire and Fear - Visit S.O.S,
Read Minds & Fulfill Desires: The Secret of Physical Pleasure & Psychic Knowing - Fulfillment,
Understanding the Process of Comprehension & Accomplishment: The Wisdom of Samyama,
Exploring the Esoterics of Money & the Process of Acquisition: Do You Have A Master Plan?
Vision plus Effort equals Prayer - Know your Destiny - Manifestation through Envisionment,
The Role of Intentional Healing in Corporate America, Prosperity at Work, DreamBuilders,
More on the Primary Mission Theory - Cancer as Unexpressed or Unresolved Complaint,
Anything Contemplated long enough Reveals its Secret: Solving the Wisdom Problem,
The Fundamental Principle of Healing with Mindfulness: Sitting with Our Dissatisfaction,
The Discipline of No Discipline - Yoga Teachings of a Dharma Bum - In It What's In It,
And for some Comprehensive Sites on Alternative Health Care: visit my HealthLinks,
An Introductory Exploration into Reality Therapy - Finding and Filling the Inner Void,
Thought, Vision & Feeling: the Search for the Meaning and Reality of Forgiveness,
Breaking up is hard to do - Relationship: The Process of Disentanglement,
For Newcomers - A Guide and an Explanation of My Work
"And in the end, the love you take,
is equal to the love you make!"
~ John Lennon ~