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From: Ali Ansari
606 W. OAK ST.
Cell: 618/698-8001
E:mail: ali786 at surrenderworks dot com

November 1, 2007

Bi-monthly Journal for Holistic Health Education
and Sustainable Living
Editor/Publisher: Ali Ansari / 2TAKA PRESS
618.698-8001 ~
Contributing writers and advertisers are welcome.

Distribution date for Jan/Feb 2008 edition is
Primary Deadline for articles, advertising and payment is Friday, December 21st;
Final Deadline

PLEASE Be Early!
Make your reservations now!

Email or call right now with a yes or no. Thanks!
618.698-8001 ~ ali786(AT)

Ad spaces are $65 per quarter page, $100 Half, $200 Full. Business Cards are $30, and Listings are $15. A full-page ad is 7” wide X 9” high. A quarter page is 3.5” wide X 4.5” high. Business cards are 3.5” X 2”. 

Please submit articles and advertising by email, in DOC, JPG, PDF or compatible format. A one-page article may be up to 800 words. All articles and advertising are subject to editorial discretion. Only material relevant to Holistic Health Education and Sustainable Living will be considered. If you have questions or need help with graphic design, please call.

Dear Holistic Health Practitioner

If you are planning to advertise or write for the Nov/Dec edition, please let me know right away so I can reserve space. Call me at 618-698-8001. The paper is growing in popularity and the numbers of advertisers and contributors will increase. I want to give everyone a shot.

Consider quarter page ads at the bargain rate of $65. It's a fact that business cards are easier to overlook. But still, your card on a page or column with a promotional article is a really good way to introduce your practice or business to our readership, and I offer that also at a first-time introductory rate of $65. A half page ad costs only $100, and a full page, $200. Business cards are $30, listings or classifieds, $15.

Distribution is 5,000 and it goes almost everywhere Heartland Women goes, which includes most of the major towns within 50 miles or so of Carbondale.

Space is available on a first come, first serve basis so make your plans now.

Distribution date for Nov/Dec edition is Tuesday, Oct. 30th. Deadline for articles, advertising and payment is Friday, October 19th. Make your reservations now!

I invite your ideas for columns if your wish to be regular contributor to the Healing Arts! Column or guest writers will be by-lined with contact info and brief description of qualifications. So contributing is yet another good way to get your practice recognized. Word count @ 11pt is 400 per column, 800 per page. But just write.

Please do not hesitate to call me. It is the paper's interest to promote Holistic Health and that means you. Any way I can help, you can count on it.


HEALING ARTS! A Journal for Holistic Health and Sustainable Living
is a bi-monthly, 16 page free educational and promotional newsprint magazine with articles and advertising featuring Holistic Health Practitioners and Associated Businesses. Distribution 5,000 over all  communities local to the Carbondale area.

You are invited to participate. The overall focus of this paper will be mainly on Carbondale Alternative and Holistic Health Services, with educational articles contributed by you, the practitioners. Its purpose us to increase public awareness of Holistic Health opportunities and to promote the services of the local practitioners and businesses.

If you would like to be a subscriber, suggest a local drop-off point or have a few copies on hand for your customers, just give me your name, and address and phone number, and how many copies you would like to have.

It is my sincere hope to make this a genuine work of art, doing justice to the area and the local businesses. Therefore, the input of advertisers and contributors with editorial and artistic background will be welcomed.