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Who Cares? Health in Business
An Article written in response to three articles in the Oregonian 8/23/05

What a Coincidence that the head of Dept. of Human Services is the ninth recent high staff quit in Oregon at the same time Dept. of Health Services produces a nine-point strategy for the 'prevention' of elder suicide. And the problem of young adult cancer pops up in the same paper.

Why do successful heads of organizations quit?

Why do kids get cancer?

Why are elders choosing to murder themselves rather that go on living?

One simplistic yet simple reason is that there are no answers being provided to these questions, only more of "learning how to live with" unanswerable questions and incurable diseases. Such are the "solutions" provided by a system that cares only for its own temporary and short term 'survival', and not a bit about the individuals who go down under it. Yet if any one chooses to look beyond the hopelessness, searching the internet alone (let alone bookstores like New Renaissance) will come up with dozens (some better than others) answers to these three (and more) symbolic questions.

The common thread among the best and most successful responses to these questions is that of psycho-spiritual stability. The bosses quit because they're not getting what they want out of life either in or out of their jobs and the system. Many of them see the problem, and maybe even a solution, but feel overburdened by the hopelessness of an economically driven system that consistently overlooks any viewpoint, no matter how rational or based in fact, that threatens its priorities.

There is considerable evidence backing the theory that kids get sick because they can't get anything else. I'm not referring here to material advantage, but to the genuine spiritual recognition and attention they need. If the fastest, and sometime only, way to get back to God is to die, then sign me up, they say. And I know that sounds vengeful, but it is indeed a form of that - "if I cannot bring genuine deep love of God and healing into this family, then I'll do whatever is necessary to show you what you need, and it's not more money or better medicine". From the standpoint of our health and spiritual maturity, God is not elsewhere!

The deepest psychological research is beginning to show that there is truth to the theory that "living good is the best revenge" is a major social impetus and driving force in our prosperity oriented western society. The focus is so much on the orientation to "living good" that it places the revenge aspect of the phrase in an almost laughable place; literally trivializing it to the point of a joke. But therein lies the rub and the point of it all - our true motivations of hatred (for lack of love) are camouflaged by mutual consent, while everyone senses and knows that underneath the nicest guy could be rumbling the fiercest volcano. That's why we have these "totally unexpected" outbreaks of child murder, anonymous stabbings, concerted terrorist activity, and an overall disrespect (unless forced or coerced) for parents and parenting.

If illness is willful - and it is well known that much of it is and certainly can be - then it is a manifestation of the same statement as elder suicide, "I'd rather die or get sick than live in a sterile hopeless environment without light or help." And bosses say, "I'd rather quit (often interpreted, and even meant, as a form of career suicide - "scuttling the ship" so to speak) than go on living in this environment". All this means that they can see no way out, either for themselves or for their lives and situations. And many stoically face it, many attempt the battle of "victory" or "overcoming", and many simply look at it and say to hell with it and check out, mentally or physically. Yet the spiritual traditionists of our great country are screaming from the roof tops, "It's only a shift in perception!" "Salvation (from your predicament) is closer to you than your jugular vein!"

Health is as close to us as God. What's killing us and causing us to kill ourselves is the consensus reality mandating our fixation on the artificially inspired goals of material success. It's the "I'll show you" mentality that drives us beyond our human and spiritual capacity, putting endless stress on our bodies until they simply cannot take it any more and then, having nowhere else to turn or run to, we give up in hopelessness and let ourselves die or be destroyed, while our hard-earned earnings dissipate into the hands of uncaring children or medical bills.

Do we live in such a wasteland that there is really no hope? Is anyone listening to or searching for the voice in the wilderness? Give me a break! There IS hope. Of course there is hope. When hasn't there been, but where or why not are we looking? For proofs in the case of cancer, read about the research done by the now imprisoned (remind you of Carl Reich?) Dr. Hamer on if you're not too busy earning money. And that's only for example.

Here's the bottom line: There are psycho-spiritual reasons for every perceived problem. Dr. Wayne Dyer, world famous speaker and author, along with hundreds of people of similar stature such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson, are all stating the same thing. "There is a spiritual soulution to every problem".

This is the age and time for spiritual healing. Ask anybody. Bulimia, anorexia, obesity, eating disorders, attention disorders, cancer, heart attack, arthritis, all the ailments of mankind come from one simple source, defined clearly in the ancient Sanskrit language centuries ago as "ignorance". Would any one dispute that? Is it not ignorance, our blanket inability to understand what, exactly is going on here, that is causing and exacerbating our painful and deadly situation to the point at which suicide is the more viable option?

Are we going to overlook scientist like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkings and philosophers like Ken Wilbur, and doctors and psychiatrists, and psychologists and healers in many walks of life all of whom are talking about and experiencing the healing powers of Unity and the destruction of separation? Come on. This is the town of "What the Bleep Do We Know?"!! Let's smile on that water and that cancer, while we have a chance, and ask it what it has to offer, of what benefit to us is it and the deaths of those who suffered it. What do we have to gain from it, except a "living." Let's step into the future where all of these manifestations of dysfunctional society have been identified, labeled cured and are history - just like the past, when they never existed at all. This work has been done elsewhere, cancer is being cured all the time and everywhere. Do we care?

Let's stop focusing on the enemy and ask "What the Bleep is going on Here?" We must believe that there is some truth, howsoever far it may seem to be from us. If we do not, then we truly are hopeless, but if we do, then what's stopping us from finding it all together? If we believe that "the answers are out there", then why will we not go to the ends of the earth to find them? Why? Into what small shell do we scurry at the thought of challenging a system that is killing us even while in its own inexorable death throes?