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That's Exactly what they want.
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by Dr. Len Hoeowitz

From Gary Craig: Finally, our 7 minute introductory video can be seen on our home page. I am thrilled to announce that a first class video introducing EFT to newcomers is now available on our website. It was several months in the making and was contributed to by numerous EFT clients and practitioners. The video was created by Drew Heriot, the director of the popular movie known as The Secret. It should convince even the most ardent skeptic.
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Two New Books
Cancer is NOT A Disease - It's A Survival Mechanism by Andreas Moritz

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief by Greg Braden

Magnesium Chloride
Magnesium and Diabetes
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Homeopathy for Psychological Problems

Macroiotics is not a diet.
It is perfect understanding of the true cosmological forces at work in every sitiuation.

Macrobiotic Principles
Acid and Alkaline
Essential Ohsawa
This is singularly the most important book I can recommend.
I've been living, studying and teaching according to these principles
for nearly forty years and have yet to see them fail when applied properly.
Buy it! Read it! Apply it! You'll be amazed at how quickly you can get well!
34% vegetables, 32% grains, 12% traditional soyfoods, 11% fish,
6% fruit, 3% meat/poultry/eggs, and 2% dairy products.
GOMF ~ Acid and Alkaline
Kushi Store Books, etc.
Introduction to Macrobiotics
The Scoop on Sugar
Macrobiotic Cancer Care
Macrobiotics and Diabetes


The greatest ally in overcoming cancer is the expectation of a positive outcome, especially if combined with enthusiasm. However, even more important than our conscious beliefs are our subconscious beliefs. The body always tries to manifest what we subconsciously believe. Various mind therapies may be used to imprint our positive conscious beliefs on the subconscious mind. If our subconscious mind accepts our healing, it is as good as done.

Success in overcoming cancer depends mainly on constructively using the mind to gain the support of all parts of the Self. By opening ourselves spiritually, we gain guidance and approval from the soul level in the way of intuition and inner certainty, but we also need to gain the support of our subconscious or inner self by eliminating negative feelings and beliefs and focusing on what we want to achieve.

This helps us to be in tune with our inner and higher self and make the right decisions in our selection of therapies, not based on fear, but rather on our genuine inner need. Furthermore, the support of all levels of our self helps us to get the greatest benefit from any adopted therapy.


Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, originally from Germany, has developed findings along the lines that EFT has been experiencing for years ... namely, that serious diseases like cancer have emotional or traumatic causes.  Dr. Hamer's studies have been getting increasing attention in Europe and turning many heads. There is an obvious potential marriage here between these concepts and EFT's impressive ability to alleviate serious symptoms by effectively addressing emotional causes.

Brief Review of The German New Medicine of the Discoveries of
Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, formerly of the Universities of Munich and Tubingen in Germany, founded the German New Medicine after extensive research and a therapeutic practice dating back to 1979. The German New Medicine is a set of findings and principles that solidly bases the nature of disease on universal biological principles and on the interaction between the three levels that make up the organism: the psyche, the brain and the organ. In German New Medicine, diseases have a biological meaning and are not mistakes of nature. In fact, we can now categorize most of the diseases known to medicine in pairs of events. These pairs are actually programs of nature relating psychological and biological events. The programs are designed by Nature to either help the individual to cope or as a selection mechanism to serve the group.

Dr. Hamer realized that his wife’s death and his own cancer had to be connected somehow with the tragic shooting and eventual death of their son, Dirk. As a medical doctor, scientific researcher and head internist of an oncology clinic in Munich, Dr. Hamer was in the position to be able to come to the conclusion that a physical event can create a biological conflict shock that manifests in a visible physical transformation in the brain, and leads to a measurable change in physical-nervous parameters and to the development of cancerous growths, ulcerations, necroses and functional disturbances in specific organs of the body.

After twenty years of research and therapy with over 31,000 patients, Dr. Hamer finally established firmly, logically and empirically how biological conflict-shock results in a cold cancerous or necrotic phase and how, if the conflict is resolved, the cancerous or necrotic process is reversed to repair the damage and return the individual to health.

Disease, or the meaningful biological program of nature (as Dr. Hamer likes to call it), is divided into five biological events, all of which can be identified, measured, observed and are part of a system that makes possible a definite (not just statistically probable) prediction of events and development.

A biological conflict-shock - called a DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome in honour of his son) - causes the appearance of a focus of activity in the brain - called an HH (Hamerschenherd). This set of concentric rings that can be seen in a computerized tomography scan (CT) is centred on a precise point of the brain. The location of the focus depends on the nature of the shock-conflict or conflict contents. As soon as the HH appears, the organ controlled by that specific brain centre registers a functional transformation. This transformation can manifest as a growth, as tissue loss or as a loss of function.

Dr. Hamer further discovered that the program that is initiated after a conflict-shock is dependent on the layer of the brain that is affected, something to be understood and explained from the point of view of evolution. The system makes sense both from a phylogenetic and an ontogenetic point of view. Dr. Hamer prefers to keep theory to a minimum and grounds all his observations and conclusions on hard, rock-solid empirical evidence, so we will be referring to ontogenesis in this summary.....

Dr. Hamer's

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Dr. John Douillard's
Terrific Ayurvedic Teacher

Shirley's Wellness Cafe
Huge website with answers to almost everything

"The success rate for advanced cancer is about 95%. So you can count on this method, not merely hope it will work for you. It is a total approach that not only shrinks tumors, but also normalizes your blood chemistry, lowers your cancer markers, and returns your health. The small failure rate (5%) is due to clinical emergencies that beset the advanced cancer sufferer. However, if you combine the advice in this book with access to hospital care, even ³hopeless² patients can gain the time necessary to become well again."  ~ FROM - Hulda Clark's Cancer cure


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Islamic Psychology

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