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An Introduction to the Importance of Knowing the Relationship
of Health to Education and Welfare

In knowledge of Religion and Science we are always incomplete. We seek it from the cradle to the grave. But in the Knowing (not the knowledge) of God, the Healing, we are already complete, for we are He knowing He, and there is none other than He. And we are told in Qur`an that we know this like we know the palms of our hands. We are asked what manner of foolishness is it that distracts us from the knowing of our Lord and Reality. ACIM,8,9,7 refers to the journey to God as being, "a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed."

But of knowledge it is said there are two kinds - revelation and confirmation. Or rather that knowledge comes to two kinds of people, to one as a revelation, and to the twice blessed as a confirmation. But as a confirmation of what? As a confirmation of Reality. For that we say, it is not the knowledge of Science or Religion that we need to heal or to know God. We know God BY God. And for confirmation we need only the Company (Sohbet) of the Gnostics.

It is said that the goal is not reached by seeking, yet only the seekers reach it. By that it is known that it is not through knowledge alone that we reach the Knowing of God. As a matter of fact the main and most difficult process required for the true knowing of God and thereby the establishment of true and lasting health is the unlearning of most of our fear and anxiety based knowledge. Add to that the fact that we have discovered that real knowledge cannot be learned in its true import and context if we are using it as a means to seek something else, our healing or our first hand experience of what it is referring to, for example.

Learning How To Learn means simply that the healing or realization must be completed first in order for the education to be learned and understood in proper context. in order to be with God, and feel the healing of the life force in God, one must leave the irrational, fear based mind altogether.

One simply cannot get here from there. By that we mean that the rational mind cannot be reached by or from the irrational, fear or ego based, reactive mind. Irrationality must and can, with some work, be dropped entirely for the true Reality to be experienced. That is why the sign at the zawiyya door, the door of the Sufi teaching center, reads "No Nafs". It means that in order for the experience and the knowledge to be fully and properly received, your cup must be genuinely receptive. This means that you know what we're talking about before we talk about it. It is only from the point of real experience that the rational mind can be awakened and real learning can take place.

The physiological reasons for this will be discussed thoroughly and the tried and true practices that teach us how to conquer this seeming barrier between the two minds will be discussed and demonstrated adequately in the actual healing course. As the Experience of Surrender is our basic Unitive practice and so far removed by our 'irrational' mind from our ordinary awareness, its practice and how to teach it must be discussed and experienced extensively for it to become our second nature to restore us to our primal nature, and True Islam is the way of our primal nature.

Suffice it to say that real learning is non-combative; it is meant to replace, not argue with, false education. The arguments must take place previously, outside of the teaching center, handled as "issues" in the primary healing sessions.

Our health is our primary concern. We all need to know for sure that we are healthy. we can accept a certain degree of relativity and the natural inevitability of aging, but we want to know that we're doing it well, and have no reason to expect any untoward surprises. Attaining this degree of security is not easy, especially in this modern age of the profusity of mismanaged, misinterpreted and misunderstood medical opinions and realities. It requires the healing process of unlearning and relearning that can and should be offered in any basic course in Holistic Health Education.

Please understand that health and knowledge of God is not exclusive to the Sufis. Not only are we told to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave even if as far as China, the greats of Islamic Medicine borrowed heavily from the Greeks, Indians and Chinese. There were times, even eras, in the great Islamic History, when all cultures and religious teachings were not only accepted but scrutinized for knowledge and practices of value. It has always been a favorite pastime of the so-called intellectual elite and superiority minded to attempt to cast into disfavor these aforementioned discoveries, citing that they cannot be derived exclusively from Qur`an and Sunnah, but the practice of and need for seeking knowledge is irrefutable, especially in these times of devastation for the greatness of Islamic culture.