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Welcome to Ali Ansari's website.

On these pages you will find his writing and presentation of various interests, most of which revolve around his quest for an understanding of life, health and spirituality.

May he rest in peace

I realized at an early age that God Realization (staying in it and overcoming the obstacles to it) was the goal of life, religion and all the spiritual paths and ways using prayer, meditation and yoga as their mainstays.

But God Realization was never an issue with me, and I wanted, also at an early age, more. My questions were more like "how do I behave, what is my purpose, what can I do to serve, show me the path You want me to walk", etc. and the only place I found answers to these kinds of questions, for better or for worse, was in religions. So I dutifully investigated those. 

It was not long before I discovered that the truth of Christianity is to BE like Jesus, and to follow in his example, as opposed to preaching about him and believing that belief in what was being preached is the only road to "salvation". But I found that his teachings were fragmented, obviously mistranslated, and offered me no hope in my quest to find a way that satisfied all of my daily needs. I knew that God would not leave me alone and wandering in a desert of ignorance, with only a broken compass to guide me. 

I then came to Islam. Without a doubt, Islam is the singularly largest unified religion on the face of the earth. It is also historically the most recent, and the only recent, revelation from the Lord of the Worlds available to all humanity. It is also complete. By that I mean that every detail of life is covered in a most amazingly explicit way. It was obvious to me that whether I believed in it or not was of relative consequence, since simply the knowledge of human understanding and behavior patterns offered was more than enough to satisfy my quest. 

The basic and simple premise of this religion is that there is only One Divinity, God, Who is Greater than all that we are and comprehend, and by whose Divine Will we are and comprehend, and that Muhammad is His last Messenger, delivering a final and comprehensive message in the form of a world embracing religion. That was OK with me. I had no argument about there being only One God, and the fact that this profound religion and way to live was revealed through Muhammad, and that so many people older and wiser than I were believing in it and practicing it, was enough to qualify him as a prophet in my eyes. I would learn later more about what that meant, but for the moment, I was in. 

But of additional encouragement to me was the fact that such a large majority in the world did believe in it and followed it to the letter. It seemed to me to be just the kind of religion that God would indeed send down. It filled all of the "requirements". What an incredibly unifying force this knowledge could be if it were just better know to the rest of the world.

And that, of course, brought up the question of why it was not. That question led into the study and discussion of the human being's situation on earth and how and why it was brought about. Which led back to the reading of all spiritual scriptures including Qur`an and the study of all spiritual beliefs and practices including Sufism, which on one level can be adequately described as the study and understanding of the human situation in the light and knowledge of the Divine (Islamic) revelation. This goes way beyond the accepting of spiritual teaching in the mindset of western psychology. 

So on these pages are a variety of writings over many years on Spirituality, what it is and how it works, Holistic Health and how it is immediately available to you, Energy Healing, how and why it works, Homeopathic Medicine, Macrobiotic (Oriental) Dietetic Healing, and my latest love and the ultimate healing practice, Transformational Psychology and Intentional Contemplation, which is simply the art of seeing the good in the bad, the garden in the fire, the blessing in the sin, and the health in the illness. There are also many pages on Islam and the Sufi Way of life.

Also included is my offer of services as an experienced Health Consultant and a Soul Communicator in the field of Energy Healing and Integrative Psychology, which I've been studying and learning all my life. 

I hope you enjoy reading and learning, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in Peace, Salam, Namaste