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Doin' Your Homework!"
Clearing, Stillness and The Secret to Success in Zen and Meditation

"Doin' your Homework!" is called "clearing". And why is it necessary? Because the emotional disturbances arising from uncleared reactions to spiritual interruptions are the root and anchoring causes of the myriad of illnesses and diseases that are plaguing our world today. If there is, as it is said, a spiritual soulution to every problem, then every problem must be originated in a Sense of Separation
from our spiritual nature.

When can we remember that there were not so many dis-eases as today? Can it not be that the problems we face are a result of the lifestyles we live? But have we ever given thought to the question "Why do we choose these lifestyles, and what might be the alternative to the obviously meaningless suicide course that we find ourselves on? Is material and land acquisition at any cost to life and environment the only meaning and purpose to life?

Check your physical health barometer by asking yourself this. Can you be Still long enough to really know God? Are you addicted to doing, or are you addicted to being?

Our ability to be Still, and through that means genuinely know, love and trust God, is impeded or made impossible purely due to our own physical agitation and unrest. Physical agitation and unrest is caused by resident fear and anxiety. If fear and anxiety cannot be controlled and dispelled for the sake of stillness and knowing God, then help is needed, because the stress we put on our bodies in futile attempts to relieve internal agitation and anxiety eventually takes its toll in the form of physical breakdown. Then we wonder if it was worth it.

But our physical agitation ceases entirely when we are in true Union. Our Homework is done when we're home and at peace again, and our health and wealth increases when stay focused, in awe, gratitude and appreciation, even for a while, on our inescapable oneness with the unlimited overflow of abundance from God in which we abide.

It is our spirituality that is our intangible wealth and the reality in which we reside. In the world of spirit, how can we not, why would we not, choose trust and gratitude over anxiety and self-concern. The only thing that keeps us from seeing the reality of our truth and being unconcerned, trusting and happy in all circumstances is the attention we prefer to pay to our instilled concern and desire for more - we call it only natural - which is in actuality the antithesis and nemesis of the gratitude and satisfaction we seek. Where did we pick it up? Do we really need it? Is God concerned? Do you think God is not laughing?

The Beauty of Realizing Self and God through the Way of Surrender is that anyone and everyone can do it. It requires no special skill, experience or background, only the determination, discipline and training necessary to uncover the roots of our anxieties and get through our fears and agitation to reach and love the point of stillness that we all have inside ourselves, and which is guaranteed to bring us lifelong prosperity and happiness.

It helps to be coached. "Doin' your Homework!" is the very process of discovering and releasing the emotional underpinnings that anchor our demands and our needs to be ill. It is the Ancient Science and Art of Spiritual Release thoroughly applied to modern therapeutics. It is extremely effective and happens every day. Releasing yourself from the prison of your emotional bondage frees your body to be happy and well.

It is begun by practicing stillness.

If there is, as it is said, a spiritual soulution to every problem, then every problem must be originated in a Sense Of Separation from our spiritual nature.

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