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Finding and Filling the Inner Void
An Introductory Exploration into Reality Therapy
and Training for Transformational Therapists


Reality changes everything!!!

Reality is what is really happening while we are spinning tales about it.

Why do we spin tales? Because we have been taught and thoroughly believe that our reality is not good or not good enough. So we don't even pay any attention to it anymore, only to the tales we spin about it. And of course we believe ourselves and our perception of our surroundings to be reality so we call our tales "The Truth".

Now looking at the reality we have created, it's easy to understand why we are dissatisfied. Our artifice is nowhere near as good as we want it to be, nor is it as good as Reality; but because we believe that the real Reality is what needs to be fixed in the first place - because it is bad or not good enough - we're really in a pickle. And Reality can feel bad, or we can feel bad about Reality, but until we can find it and sit with it in love and understanding, it can't change because we won't! And we steadfastly refuse to give it the attention it needs in order to change.

We're so busy giving reality to our unhealed emotions that we cannot see what's behind them, and even the idea that there is something (or nothing) behind them is scary enough that we won't go there for any effective length of time.

Emotion is a physiological reaction to a stimulation, or a disruption of peace. Emotion, one or another, is our chosen response, even though we feel it is quite naturally the only choice. It is evoked in one way or another, depending upon the personality development of the individual, be it in the form of excitement, stimulation or tragedy. There is an entire nervous system devoted to emotion and the response to and handling of (dealing with) emotion. What most of do not know is that we have in our bodies an even more powerful nervous system devoted to the perception of an ever changing, ever healing Reality. But we do not perceive it from the system of emotion. Hence the practice of Zendo until we perceive a genuine shift in perception from the disturbed (or not) mind to the tranquil (or not) body. That's when the healing begins. Then, of course, we must stay there until the healing is complete. This is sometimes difficult but often not as much as we may imagine.

Everyone knows that what is behind emotion is nothing, and quite honestly, that's what we're afraid of - simple emptiness and the fear of not being. So why are we afraid of not being? Because of all the learned and acquired implications. So what are our fears? They become our raison d'être, our reason for being. But in the final analysis, they are self constructed specifically for the purpose of protecting us from not being. And again, why are we afraid of not being? Because that's where our vulnerability is and the last time we exposed it we got hurt. Why we got hurt and how we can forgive our tormentors is a topic for an advanced class, but suffice it to say  that it has become obvious to us that carrying our fears into present tense is no longer serving us. If our responses to external stimuli were somehow controllable, we would recognize fear and panic as only one of many (optional) responses.

The work of this course will be an exploration into the idea that circumstantially stimulated self created deceptions have caused the obscuration of our root motivation (deep satisfaction-based happiness) and the absence of this truth has caused the overlooking and  mis-interpretation of what really satisfies us.

A note of warning for you home-doers - the title of the course "Finding and Filling the Inner Void" is a little misleading and it's functionality relies upon an explanation usually provided in the class, but for the sake of completeness and honest delivery, I'll go into it here. Finding the Inner Void is not easy and most experts would agree that most people either cannot or should not attempt it alone. It is very deceptive as are we all extremely susceptible to self deception. But Filling it is exactly what you do NOT want to do, as that is, in actuality, all that we have been doing most of our lives and look at the mess we're in. It will fill itself if we can find it and keep it open and resist the easy temptation to create another deception. That is even more difficult than finding it. And it will not fill with what you want! What "we" want is what's keeping us in this mess. It will fill with something new, something scary, but you will feel it fill and it will feel good to you. That should be your clue and your guide, not your fears or desires. Enough said.


We will investigate the idea that the purpose of Surrender is to provide a means to satisfying our inescapable root motivation and explore what this root motivation is - and the meaning, techniques and practice of true Surrender as a means of fulfilling it.

We will investigate the mechanism of self-perception, how it works and why its continued practice brings joy, happiness, bliss and success.

We will investigate the purpose of Surrender and what can go wrong when this purpose is not squarely recognized.

We will dive into the mythic quest and why we are afraid.

We will investigate the Vedanta proposition that Avidya, self-absence, is the cause for our phobias, behavioral difficulties and illnesses such as ADD, Hunger, Obsession and Obesity.

This is a course like no other you've ever had. That's why it's called Reality Therapy.

In each session there will be adequate discussion and sufficient periods of silence for intentional contemplation when appropriate. This will allow us to enter into a state of genuine mindfulness creating an opportunity for deeper insights into our authentic motivations.

But mostly we will discuss the importance and technique of finding and filling the inner void and the effect of this invisible quest in our daily lives.