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The Power of Intention

We who think we are powerless think of this phrase in terms of the search for power. So we believe that the emphasis is on gaining power (to accomplish our goals) when it is on gaining purity of intention. We want (the power of) intention for the power because we want what we want and feel we need the power to get it.
So it stands to reason that if we set our intention strongly and powerfully enough, we'll get what we intend. We use our intention to get what we want.

Ha Ha. Coming from the "wrong" mind, it simply doesn't work that way. It is the pure intention that gives us the power. It should be restated as the Power of Pure Intention, but since the topic is the Power of Intention, it must also demonstrate the power of all intention.

The Pure Intention is to share with your fellow being what you have for yourself. The Bodhisattvic vows. The Primordial Promise of Service and Representation (`ubudiyyat, khilafat - "alasta birabbikum").

This is the intention that will get you the power to fulfill it.

"Wa maa `alayna illa al-balagh" (Qur`an)

Sitting in Intention is paying attention to intention.
It is the Intentional Contemplation of which I speak, the attainment of which heals, or the Contemplative Witnessing (mushahhadah, Wahdat ushShuhud) which the Sufis mention. But it is not the intention of the agenda-oriented self that wants to see itself on top of anything or anywhere. It is the intention that intends (to see) Heaven, Pure Land and Salvation/Grace for everyone. It is the result of having accepted Atonement (at-one-ment) and the speeding up of the process for everyone by adopting it for oneself. It is the fulfilling of the Original Vow (Tariki Hongen) that anyone who calls upon the recipient will be saved. But they must call. The sins are Forgiven because news of them reaches the ears of the People who Judge with Mercy. They can be forgotten once they are integrated into the history of the Miracle. These are parts of the functions of the Universal (Christ) Consciousness and the reality held for all Muslims to see by the Hidden Imam.

Learning this, or arriving to this Conclusion of Certainty, has to do with the process of clearing the subconscious of its drives resulting from imbedded lesser vows and misconceptions. This is known in Sufism as Ikhlasu Niyyat, or Purification of Intention, and is widely known to be the singular work necessary to reach to Haqiqat, or the Immutable Truth of Reality.

We can and have told the subconscious to do this and do that. However many of the commands we have sent to it were made in times of stress and confusion, and need now be re-evaluated in present light. This process is referred to by some as Redecision Therapy. It has to do with releasing older more dysfunctional vows in preparation and making room for the primordial vow to have full effect, to be all that there is left. It is the process of remembering our primordial vow and recognizing, clearing and releasing the residual effects and memories of lesser vows. And this is done by the process of Intentional Contemplation. Such is the intention of the practice of Zen, and in Sufi Arabic the root is "fakara", to contemplate.

In Japanese Buddhism, the difference between Zen and Pure Land is one of Practice and Trust. Islam is Practice and Iman is Trust. The joining of the two is Perfection.

It is my belief that eventually a Sufi will come to the crossroads of Contemplation (practice) and Faith (trust) and prefer to join them. After all, when all the practices are said and done, eventually there is only Pure Land, or the silence of the love and reality in which we dwell.

To stop seeking salvation and become salvation - In the heaven of salvation we have no further need for forgiveness, its work is done. Yet even after we stop seeking salvation and become salvation, which is the work of all true religions, there is still Practice (Zen) and Faith (Pure Land).

"So, O Master, did the Dalai Lama accept your invitation to lead him to Paradise?"
"He said that his work was here on earth and that he had no interest in Paradise."
"Spoken like a true bodhisattva."

"Here we learn Compassion first, and then we're so busy manifesting it
that we have no time to be concerned about our place in Heaven." ~ Bodhisattva
"And We have not sent you except to be a Mercy unto all the worlds."  ~ God (Qur`an)

Honen and Shinran - Rather than teaching the practice that got you there, he taught getting there by being there.

Arab arrogance caused people to reject Arabic but the truth had to reach them somehow, for it has never been separate from them.

To quote the book (parentheses mine) -
"Tariki, as we have seen, means Other Power. Hongen, or "original vow" is the very core of the original teaching of Pure Land Buddhism. Basically, it's the promise, "When I get it I promise to give it to everyone." (the vow of the bodhisattva) The very promise is the attainment.

At the start of his practice to become a Buddha, the bodhisattva Dharmacharya (chariot/shari`at/carrier of Truth) made forty eight vows that he promised to realize when he attained enlightenment. Many of the vows are about the Pure Land - a symbolic description of the state of enlightenment - that he would create when he became a Buddha, Of all those vows, Dharmacharya's "original" or essential vow is his promise, once he has attained enlightenment and become Amida Buddha, that any living being who calls out his name will be born into his Pure Land and attain enlightenment. This is the vow that became the core teaching of Pure Land Buddhism." p88 Reliance upon "Other Power"

Tariki Hongen: (The Original Vow of the Pure Land) - "Hear us, See us. Become us, Eventually."- This is Certainty.

Zen and Pure Land - Practice and Faith - Samadhi means Realization (of the Pure Land), it comes after and is the result of Practice/Zen (Dhyana meditative contemplation), if that is the intention. So practice IS Realization (Pure Land), AND the means TO Realization (Pure Land). Realization is not taken away. It is the Salvation of the sinner. It is the soul's primordial knowledge of endless eternity shining through the illusion of temporary life.

Fulfillment is not realization, but a prerequisite. Fulfillment is healing, but saved and saving? That's something way beyond fulfillment.