Here you will find an
Exposition of the Ancient
Approach to Physical, Emotional
and Spiritual Health & Counseling
Through True Self & God-Realization.
This is the Effective & Unfailing Method,
as taught by all religions and spiritual paths,
of Healing the Body through Cleansing the Soul!
I call its practice "Reality Therapy" and offer it for both
Personal Healing & Training for Transformational Therapists.
It is Training in Intentional Contemplation and Energetic Healing
done with Mindfulness and Insight, in the style of all ancient traditions.
Although this form of assisted remembrance is effective for whatever ails you,
my main focus is on Healing Children through Healing Parents, & teaching
the secrets of surrogate healing - how we heal others by healing ourselves.
This work can be done by phone or in person, so call or Email
right now if you are in need of personal help or instruction.
~ Ali Ansari ~ 618.698-8001
This is Spiritual Counseling in Love and Beauty -
Guaranteed to Increase your Health, Happiness and Prosperity!
It is applicable in all aspects of life,
whether it be Personal Health and Longevity,
Family Health and Relationships, Business Building,
Community Building or Corporate Healing.
Immediate benefit! Affordable Rates!
First Sessions are Always Free!
Only Ten Weekly Sessions for Permanent Results!
No Matter What your Difficulty, You CAN
Find Your Way to Health and Happiness
through the Miracle of Spiritual Connection
and Holistic Health Education!
Form Lasting Bonds!
Heal Family, Business and Community Relationships!
Discover Your Spiritual Soulution to Every Problem
by Doin' Your Homework!
Call Now, It Works! I have been studying Spiritual Healing
in the Tradition of the Ancient Masters for over thirty years.
My background includes Macrobiotics, Homeopathy,
Islamic Sufism, Zen, Advaita and Ayurveda.
I am available for phone consultations any
time from anywhere! Thanks for visiting!
SoulPower ~ The Power of the Silent NO!
Finding Peace with God ~
"In a world of guile and craftiness, the guileless are thought blind."