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Ivan Illich
(1926 - 2002)

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ivan illich died monday december 2, 2002 at his home in bremen, germany.

1968 cuernavaca speech to u.s. students
1970 deschooling society
1971 celebration of awareness (intro, erich fromm)
1971 a consitution for cultural revolution (from celebration of awareness)
1973 energy and equity
1973 tools for conviviality
1976 medical nemesis
1987 toward a history of needs
1980 vernacular values (shadow work)
1981 shadow work
1982 gender
1983 silence is a commons
1985 h2o and the waters of forgetfulness
1987 hospitality and pain (.pdf)
1988 abc: the alphabetization of the popular mind
1988 the educational enterprise in the light of the gospel
1989 posthumous longevity (.pdf)
1989 the shadow that the future throws (.pdf)
1990 declaration on soil (.pdf)
1990 health as one's own responsibility - no, thank you! (.pdf)
1990 the sad loss of gender
1990 needs (.pdf)
1991 text and university - on the idea and history of a unique institution (.pdf)
1992 autostop, ivan illich and jean robert (.pdf)
1992 in the mirror of the past
1993 to honor jaques ellul (.pfd)
1993 in the vineyard of the text
1994 brave new biocracy: health care from womb to tomb
1996 we the people, kpfa - ivan illich with jerry brown
1996 the wisdom of leopold kohr
1996 speed? what speed? (.pdf)
1996 philosophy... artifacts... friendship (.pdf)
1997 ivan illich in conversation with majid rahnema
1998 the cultivation of conspiracy (.pdf)
1998 the scopic past and the ethics of the gaze (.pdf)
1999 the conditional human (.pdf)
2000 the loudspeaker on the tower (.pdf)
2000 "the oakland table" conversations between ivan illich and friends (.pfd)
2001 guarding the eye in the age of show (.pdf)