/ Temple of Divine Mind

When poverty stares you in the face (according to the seeming) you may know that the adversity is the result of adverse calculations in your problem. The adversary in this case is your dependence upon what mortal mind says, without reference to Divine Principle. You set the law into action in a manner adverse to righteousness, and the consequence is adversity in temporal affairs. How have you made the law work adversely? By a belief in limitation, which caused fear and doubt regarding the outcome of your plans, the fear and doubt brought forth what you expected; then the complaining and bemoaning your ill success increased the difficulty, and you held still more strongly to the belief that you were unfortunate. The fear, the complaints and admissions of “bad luck” (so-called) sets the law to work in appearance on the adverse or negative side. You acknowledge a false power every time you complain of adversity. You recognize a phantom as reality every time you admit poverty; you name it as something not good, and it stays by you as you admit it. It is all a mistake. Not a word of it is true.

The remedy is to reason yourself out of the belief by denying the poverty and everything that tends to limitation. Deny adversity and the fear of it. Deny that one can have more than another, or better judgment or more ability than another. In short, set your conscious mind into harmony with Divine Goodness and love, which means abundance of all that is good. Your denials will remove every obstacle to perfect realization, which comes by affirming the abundance you desire as already received. Hold to your affirmations with trust, and praise and thank God for abundance, even if you haven’t a penny. Give praise and thanks to the Giver of all good, and keep affirming abundance as already yours. Be patient and true to the Principle, and abundance will come to you, sometimes in very unexpected ways. You set the law to work in righteousness by praise and thanksgiving; while by the adverse plan you unconsciously push away the very thing you want by complaining and by admitting the not good.

Never tell anybody you are poor, no matter how apparent the poverty is to mortal sense; the abundance will never come by naming the lack of abundance. You invoke the negative forces (or what seems a force) when you name it or give it a conscious recognition in mind as a reality. You also invoke the Almighty Principle of goodness, Jehovah Jireh, the Provider, when you acknowledge it as all, and praise and glorify it as your only refuge, defense and supply, Your acknowledgment and trust of this great providing power sets the law into action, just as surely as the touch of the harp strings sets them to vibrating.