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Karma is your life path, your circumstances of birth and mortal situation. Dharma is the ageless, immutable truth and reality that you really are. Karma is change, evolution and transformation, Dharma is the basis of permanence and everlastingness in which it all takes place. They are both real, neither is illusion. One is transitory and changing. The other is permanent and everlasting.

Teaching Dharma guides and transforms Karma. Teachers of Dharma teach radical honesty. (Which is radical only because dishonesty has become the accepted norm.) Understanding and learning Dharma enlightens, releases and relieves Karma. Understanding Karma, and seeing through it, leads to Dharma. That's why it is said "who knows himself, knows God".

Karma is not blameworthy, but not searching for Dharma is. Ignorance is a deliberate act, a turning from truth. An ignorante is one who deliberatley ignores his own self education. The deliberate ignorance of your truth is blameworthy and a sin. There is no cure for it. You are literally setting your self up as a partner to God. You will be destroyed.

Dharma (truth) enlightens. This means it will make lighter your burdens of guilt and shame. It should make you happy to know this. There is Salvation through transformation, but, if you do not surrender your burdens, they cannot be made light. Carry them to the grave if you like, many do. But you will never say that it was not your choice to do so.

So! are you in your Karma or in your Dharma?