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Certainty is the Sufi Antidote to Fear

and knowing is the antidote to ignorance. Ignorance is the absence of certainty. The absence of certainty is the cause of fear and suffering. Faith is a belief in Certainty if not a realization of it. Fear is ignorance of certainty and therefore it is "little faith". Sanskrit teaches us that ignorance is the cause of suffering, not fear. Fear is a form of ignorance, and knowledge is the antidote to ignorance, but knowledge of what? Fear of what? Ignorance of what?

You will get what you look forward to. You get what your expect from God so improve your expectations. It's the limits on our expectations that keep us from moving forward. Praise God. Know that God is Benevolent and Kind. The more good you see in God, the more good you will receive. Or are you not worth it?

The worthiness is what the 'unworthiness' hides. "I can't" hides "I can". ~ "I don't want it" hides "I want it."