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Forgiveness is the cure for all illness

Can you truly forgive your parents? Ultimately, forgiveness is the cure for all illness, since illness is a form of revenge in the form of self-punishment, and forgiveness would obviate it. If you have allowed your hatred and desire for revenge to overpower your ability to forgive, then you have condemned yourself to an everlasting hell. And what are we avenging? Rejection. All compensation is for that. Aaah, Acceptance.

Wherefore hast thou gone?

The reason we are not looking for answers is that we are looking for revenge. Answers bring resolution, and resolution is the dissolution of revenge. Revenge is hatred, and hatred - one of the seven deadly sins - is thoroughly self destructive, which is one of its points.

If you do not find what your are looking for on these pages, then know that you are looking for something that is not on them, nor on any pages. The desire for revenge is very deep within us, it originates in our rejection of rejection, which if not accepted, becomes hateful.

Rejection is destruction.