/ Khutbahs

There is only one cause of disease: hypocrisy; and there is only one cause of hypocrisy: fear.

So the big question is always: what are we afraid of?

Facing fear is always the challenge of healing.

And it is the fear of facing fear that keeps is running or stuck - in whatever unpleasant or uncomfortable situation we find ourselves in.

It would be nice if someone else could face our fears for us but that never seems to be the case, and how effective would it be, anyway?

What is the truth that shall set us free? Could it be simply that fear is what keeps us enslaved?

Truth is truth. There is no one truth. Basic honesty, confession, "permission to speak freely, sir", is truth - and that truth sets one free.

Being free to speak the truth is the inherent right and the principle benefit of an environment without fear.

So why don't we? What's up, folks? What ARE we afraid of? Why ARE we not speaking except in cli-ché and 'acceptable" phrases?

Truth heals and fear is the root of illness and disease.

So what do we fear?

We must fear the truth.

And why?

Because it will expose us.

It will expose our hypocrisy!
But the only cure for our hypocrisy is to expose it.

So where is our TRUE Circle of Truth? Where are the fearless men who speak boldly what is on there minds?

We're a bunch of pussies sitting around waiting hopefully for someone else to speak our minds for us.

Fear is the reason for, and the cause of, hypocrisy.

Talk to a sick person and you'll find hypocrisy, cover-up. Talk to a hypocrite and you'll find fear.
Hypocrisy and fear are at the root of all internal conflicts, and internal conflict is at the root of every dis-ease.

Hypocrisy is anything other than the unflinching commitment to truth, and that's a scary thing, since truth - in this world of agreement to mutual deception - is the bubble breaker and the all-exposer of the very thing we're trying to hide: our deception; the very thing we do not want exposed - our hypocrisy.

Everyone is putting on the mask of sincerity, and in trying to get everyone else to believe it, we of ne-cessity co-opt into the falsehood of believing everyone else's insincere attempts to be loved.

So much lying; so much subterfuge. So much deception; so much misdirection and camouflage.

All in the name of what? In one way or another it boils down to fear.

What are we afraid of? Who are we afraid of? Why are we afraid? These are the questions that need an-swering. Why won't we speak up? What are we afraid of?

Where is our circle of truth? Where are the fearless men who speak boldly what is on there minds. We're like a bunch of pussies sitting around waiting hopefully for someone else to speak our minds for us.

Where is the circle of truth? Of course it's a one-man show. No wonder you do not like it and want it to change but where are the people who will speak up on a truth other than one of kowtowing in some hid-den and worshipful way.

It's only in speaking the truth that true healing is found. That's why we have dhikr circles, so that we can say something true and gain the benefit of it, but that's only an example.

The truth does not have to be right. It does not have to be based on religion, doctrine, methodology, study and written word. Truth can be found in the cursing words that pour out of the mouth when the ball is dropped at an important moment of an important game.

Truth is beyond judgment. It is not absolute except in the moment.

And the truth is that we are all afraid, - of something.

And that something is identifiable, and each one of us knows, or can know with a bit of dedicated intro-spection, what it is.

It might be summed up as punishment, in some form or another. 

Common things we fear or are sensitive to are: guilt trips, shame, inferiority, manipulative phraseology or tactics such as humiliation and embarrassment,

Punishment is the ultimate form of manipulation, and manipulation deemed necessary (maybe as a last ditch effort but more often than not as the primary means) to elicit some desired behavior either from oneself or from others.

Where is our circle of truth? Where are the fearless men who speak boldly what is on there minds. We're a bunch of pussies sitting around waiting hopefully for someone else to speak our minds for us.

My dear friends. How I miss you and the opportunity you contributed to our opportunity to be true and truthful. We had a real satsang: a group of truthful people where truth was the only thing we were inter-ested in exploring and where there was no room for hypocrisy, double talk or double think. Cat and Julie and Jill and Michael P. and Habiba and Hasan and Elizabeth, etc. What a gang and how I miss what we had. Here I am in yet another conundrum, finding myself unable to express truth because someone else is doing all the expressing and getting his ass tied into yet another Sufi knot.

Truth be told I do not trust the Shadhiliyya and I do not trust the motivations of the shaykh, even though I'm convinced that they are very sincere. Number one, I mistrust the exclusivism of his rejection of con-temporary validity of other religions and faiths. For the purposes of concentration of effort on one stream of interest it is of value to leave others alone but to attempt to prove the validity of one faith, Is-lam by proving its believable superiority over all other, be this fact or not, is exclusivism and smack of Arabism which is built upon a national egoic need to be superior, basically another form of male domi-nance.

I was very much disenheartened by his (dare I say stupid and egocentric) summary dismissal of the group we had formed and the work we were doing. Without any investigation whatsoever, he reacted as though there were a threat in some way and destroyed what we had done and what we were doing. I don't mind the dismissal. It was a trifling and trivial effort. What I do mind is the way in which abso-lutely nothing was appreciated.

Now, what is my evidence?
Physical disease is caused by internal conflict. There is no doubt about this, even though it may not as yet be researched to its fullest capacity, all evidence point to the truth of this. The Tao is a faultless flow. Living in the Tao, by the Tao is the essential goal of most religious and spiritual teachings. Letting go and Letting God is the essence of surrender and the wise advice of the healers. This does nor imply a form of inactivity that allows for detrimental and harmful influences, but the form of cessation from ac-tivities that are causing harm and using the time to study constructive and healing works.