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The Principles and Importance
of Spiritual Healing in Islam

In Islamic medicine and healing it is well known that the body is a manifestation of the heart, and that the pains and illnesses of the body are a manifestation of the pains and illnesses in the heart. It stands to reason that until the heart is healed the body will not change its complaints. 

This is corroborated by two prophetic traditions in which it is said that Allah will not change the state of an individual or people until they change what is in their hearts. And that the heart governs the body, when it is in sound health then the whole body is in sound health. 

A third tradition going along with this is that there are two states of being, or lands, the land/state of peace and the land/state of conflict/war. In these three traditions and many others the case for spiritual healing is stated clearly. 

It's increasingly obvious that illness arises from unresolved or suppressed agitation in the self. Something deeply is needing to be expressed and is not finding its way out. At the deepest level and in every individual what is desiring to express itself is Soul. Soul wants to make its own music, to establish itself and its own vibratory frequency, to send out its signals and resonate with other souls. I'm Here. I'm here. She sings to an empty auditorium. 

The problem is with the mind. The mind takes itself to be the Soul, and in doing so, leaves no room for question. This is referred to as the Unique Mistake - Assuming the Veil to be the Reality. 

So this is the Wisdom, the Science and the Success of Islamic Spiritual Healing. 

It is called Ma`arifatu'llah - the Wisdom and Discernment of the Divine, the knowing of what is Truly of Value and to be discerned from all else. It is called Ma`arifat, "that which is recognized" (by the recognizers). It is He, the Source of Life and the "Pearl beyond Price". It is the ability to Recognize God and thereby recognize what is good and beneficial for the spirit and life of man.

The only way to be really clear as to the difference between ego and soul, mind and heart, God and Self, etc. is to be a confirmed knower of truth. This is accomplished by seeking out and keeping the company of the True `Arifs, the "`Arifun billah", the Gnostic knowers of Truth. Salvation from the pains of life should be sufficient motivation. 

The relationship between Soul and Self

Self-Realization is God-Realization, but it's only a beginning. To be in clear soul-recognition is to be in clear self-recognition. And this is confirmed by being clearly self-recognized in the company of the clearly self-recognized. Once this is done all things are expressed and all other problems become trivial pursuits. Yay! 

This is the truth of Spiritual Healing. The heart can be healed completely by this method and by this method only. When we, too, have made the Mi`raj (holy journey) of the Prophet to the Throne of Allah and back in the twinkling of an eye, then we too have seen the wonders of the heart and can lay claim to perfect understanding and perfect health. When the spirit is free (of all anxiety concerning doubt), it is whole, healed and flying to its Lord. And the heart is free to mend, and the body will do nothing but rejoice in the music, peace and love from its Soul in truth. 

Man `arafa Nafsah, faqad `arafa Rabbah"
"Who knows his Soul, knows his Lord."

Islam (Surrender) is a very Holy and Divine word. Just contemplating it in an exploration of the richness of its meaning is an exercise in beauty, depth and wisdom. The point of religion is God-realization. What could be healthier than that? Without religion there is no instruction and without instruction there is no education, and it's becoming increasingly obvious that masonry is not sufficient knowledge for a healthy spiritual life.