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People live and die. Life spans are decreed but the work they do and the consequences of their work is based upon the moment to moment decisions they make, once attaining to the age of recognition of self and free will. 

Life is from Allah and as He has written. Death is from Allah as he has written. The choice of the free will is to surrender to Allah the battle for life and simply accept it, allowing it to take its course, or to continue the battle and face the consequences of that decision. 

I like to compare results and consequences. Surrender brings immediate and long lasting results, continued struggle and investigation brings consequences. So what is it that stands in the way of Surrender but misinformation? It is our job to bring the truth to ignorance and falsehood, but how many people are in denial of even the possibility that there might genuinely be a "truth"? In the search for evidence is the inherent statement that we don't have any. In this is a form of denial that can never be cured except by an awakening or experience in the company of the surrendered. 

But are we surrendered enough to bring them to it? That's why the quest for truth must never end until satisfactory results are manifest both in your person and in the people around you. The successful life is the surrendered one. This is evident in the call to prayer in which prayer and success are equated. (Salah and Falah). Falah implies success, prosperity and salvation from the woes of the worldly life, which, modern psychology is proving, consists of and endless series of illusions that drive us in our artificial, self-created form from one "success" to another in a never ending stream.

The purpose of struggle is to end struggle. Is this not evident? So why then do we continue the struggle? The real struggle is to end struggle and the end of struggle is in Surrender. In Surrender the natural forces of life are allowed to prevail. The natural forces of life are the dominant ones and the manifestation of a benevolent creation. To accept a benevolent creation is to accept and benefit from that benevolence. That's healing. 

In the earlier history of Islam, while the European world was in the midst of famine, war, plague and death, the people had no knowledge of such hardships except rarely enough to stimulate their interest in the sciences of Divine health. Life was, for the most part, long and prosperous. The remnants and history of Islamic civilization bear witness to this. It amazes me how far (hopelessly?) behind the western world is, for all its technological and scientific advancement. Yet in the midst of the depth of this ignorance masquerading as enlightenment, there are still people discovering the Divine secrets and working hard to help others to find them and come to them. 

The acceptance and investigation of the Divine sciences is the only way that they will be discovered and this has to do only with the individual's personal quest. They will always remain hidden to the denying mind. They cannot be forced upon anyone, and they cannot be profited from, for it is the very fear of provision motivating the profit drive that stands in the way of their discovery. It is true that the world and secrets of the Surrendered are far away from the probes and investigations of the chronically skeptical. The secret to their discovery lies solely on a single word, intention. When the intention is pure the secrets will be manifest, and until then, not. 

All of the keys to the secrets of health and life are contained in the teachings of Islam and few are the people, even among the followers and students of that faith, who actually seek them out and study them for their intrinsic worth. Concentrating on these studies and these studies alone will bring results. They cannot be mixed, or "utilized" for false or duplicitous intentions. Allah demands of us a whole heart, total Surrender and a complete acceptance of ourselves and our lives. Nothing less will suffice. Obedience brings results. All else brings consequence. 

In the end we will all be convinced. It is well-known that the purpose of creation is God-realization. For what other purpose would He create? Therefore, the purpose of life is the same and the purpose of death is the same. Of what purpose, then, is death, if one has already accepted it, stepped on the "other side" (and there is no "other side") and come to know and live in the pure light of God thereby? If the mission is accomplished and the lessons are learned, there is no further need for the school of life, illness and death. This is the exact purpose of the Islamic revelation, and the sufis are the healers of the hearts who practice it as it is meant to be practiced. It is out of reach to no one except who chooses to disbelieve. 

We know that illness is from the promptings of the true soul to wake up and realize. How else are explained the "miracle" science defying cures that do occur regularly? A "Miracle" is from God, and it purpose is to bring the subject to God.