5. The Reality of Spiritual Alignment

There is a singular fact is emerging in the trends of leading-edge business management. I think of it as the principle of true and lasting success. The closer a company comes to alignment with the spiritual realities of its employees, the happier and more successful it will be. Spiritual reality is a deeply personal truth that every person and each company must reach individually. But its manifestation in the business world is "really caring enough to do the very best". 

Take (and give) a day off sometime, for a moment of spiritual truth. Go someplace deep in nature and ask yourself, from your deepest personal dream, "Do you really care about the success and future of this business?" If you do not, then your own personal integrity is demanding that you leave it, or turn it into something worth caring about. If you cannot turn your present position into something worth caring about, that is not bad, but in your spirit, you've already left, you're just not telling anybody yet, and maybe because you don't know where to go. That's OK! 

The solution and common denominator here is this. Dream first, then go there. True dreams require a lot of work and are not always easily come by. With time, looking deeply into yourself will give you a clue as to who you really (that means in the "real" world), are. That will be your "true" self. Now, from the standpoint of your "true" self, imagine a practical, self-supporting lifestyle that allows you to manifest yourself in your most fitting capacity.  Now, can you make success at you current position a stepping stone to the fulfillment of your true reality? 

And if you have determined that you do care about the success and future of the business you are in, then begin the process of defining spiritual truth by asking for it of yourself and your workforce. 

One of the components of spiritual truth is Freedom. Is your workforce free? Ask them. Are they free to discuss (with you) their wages, their personal needs, their ideas, and their visions of the future? Are they being encouraged to do this? Do they feel empowered by their work? Are they getting ahead as a result of working for you? If not, then the question arises, "Are you getting the best from your workforce, and what can you do to increase cooperative productivity by increasing enthusiasm". 

If your employee's job is not a step on the pathway to his or her dreams, why not?  "Make it so, Number One!" 

It's a very simple word - "care" - and a very simple question - Do you really care? Do they? If so why - what are we doing right? And if not, why not - and how can we rectify the deficiencies? 

Another component is honesty. Are you really being honest? Is there something missing in your relationship with your employees? Are they able to be honest with you? Try asking. Honesty is such fun. If there is no fun or not much and it's superficial, then there is no real honesty. Honesty brings out the funlovingness and sense of humor in everyone. "The single best way to judge the health of a team or a company is by how much humor there is." 

Another component is Love - YES! - LOVE!  It manifests itself in the business world as  concern. Is it there? Are you all concerned about each other?  Concern for others increases with empowerment. 

You all love your spouses, don't you? Your children? Parents? Boy/Girl friend? Somebody? NOBODY? Two words - SEEK HELP! 

This may sound mushy, but you can (and must) trust and believe in Love and the power of Love. Practice knowing, that Love extends from beyond creation, through the universe to the planet, from the planet to human kind, from human kind to societies, organizations, work, families and self. 

In order to be in alignment with that aspect of our spiritual truth, to be One with Love, we must first emulate it. Tapping into our own personal source of spiritual strength, we must give that love back - extending from ourselves a genuine personal concern for the well-being of those around us, our families and friends, our jobs and the people involved, our communities, society, humankind, the earth, through the universe and back to the Source, the Point of Origin. 

The elements of love and concern manifest in the business world as being a Dreambuilder - a person who cares to see the very best for the people in their environment. And if you can't do it personally but really do care for the future of your business, then know that your company is your business and your future, and hire some Dreambuilders to get in there and get the turnaround started.